A New Pixel-Art Game: Loop Hero

Loop Hero is a brand new game in Pixel-Art style, and Loop Hero will take you to the times when you played Atari with its in-game music and graphics. Loop Hero is a game that is in line with traditional roguelike games but allows you to control the Hero more. You can join your little Hero’s journey with Loop Hero. In this article, you can find out more about Loop Hero, which will release on Steam on March 4th.

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A New Pixel-Art Game: Loop Hero 3

Developer of Loop Hero

Loop Hero is developed by the Russian indie game studio Four Quarters and published by Devolver Digital. It seems like the Four Quarters team, whose developed “Please Don’t Touch Anything” before, has done a great job with Loop Hero.

On the other hand, Devolver Digital, founded in 2009 in Texas, is the publisher of Loop Hero. Devolver Digital also is the publisher of a high-definition remake of an important game Serious Sam series.

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A New Pixel-Art Game: Loop Hero 4

Loop Hero in a Nutshell

Loop Hero, a Pixel-Art-style roguelike game, has already managed to excite strategy game lovers. Let’s take a closer look at this game and be part of the journey of our little hero.

Loop Hero is a game where you progress in an automatic and continuous loop and kill the monsters you encounter. Although you cannot directly control the battles with monsters you fight, you determine the hero’s load. With Loop Hero, you can be the architect of your own experience, your own story. You can make the game easier or more difficult in the direction you want.

As the game progresses, you can improve your hero by collecting loot such as land cards, armor, and weapons. With the terrain cards you loot, you can explore around the loop, so you can increase your hero’s abilities, discover new monsters, and increase your stats.

You can learn more about Loop Hero in the trailer posted by Devolver Digital, the publisher of Loop Hero.

Download Loop Hero

Loop Hero is a game to be released by Devolver Digital, which will release on March 4th. There is a demo of Loop Hero available on Steam for free.

If you find Loop Hero fun and want to buy it, you can purchase it for a pre-order price of $12.74. You can buy Loop Hero from Steam for a 15% discount.

You can also buy Loop Hero from Epic Games Store at the same price as Steam.

You can find the Game Review and more on Lawod when the game is released.

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