Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Overview and Some Animal Locations

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a charming slice of a wholesome adventure game from Ustwo Games, the developers behind Monument Valley and Assemble With Care. The game follows the titular character, Alba, as she vacations with her grandparents on their Mediterranean island and aims to help needy animals. It features a beautiful island, over 60 species of animals to photograph, and a heartfelt story.

The protagonist, Alba, spends her summer visiting her grandparents on an island. She likes to snap photos of animals in the wild. But when the local town council decides to tear down a nature reserve and build a hotel, she decides to take action. 

Her grandfather gives her a camera phone and nature guide that lets her capture animals with its rear-facing camera. Alba then chronicles every animal she sees across the small, quaint island of Pinar del Mar. This includes 62 different kinds of birds, cats, chickens, and even the legendary Iberian Lynx.

You can join Alba’s adventure by getting the game on Steam or Epic Games for your PC. If you’re a console player, you can find the game on both PS Store and Xbox Store. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is also available on Nintendo Store for Switch.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Barn Owl Location

It is hard to find some rare animals in Alba: A Wildlife AdventureThe barn owl is one of them. It is a large, pale owl of the countryside, typically found in open grassland and farmland, hunting for small mammals and birds. Its white facial disk and buff back distinguish it from other owls.

To find the barn owl, first, you should go to the construction site. Then, you should hear an animal crying out. This is the owl you are looking for, and it needs your help. Get up to the owl and help free it, then you can take its photo.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Peregrine Falcon Location

The abandoned castle is where you can see a Peregrine falcon. It can be seen circling the vicinity past the fence.

The peregrine falcon, or simply the peregrine, was historically called the duck hawk in North America and is a widely distributed member of the Falconidae family of raptors. It has a black head, barred white underparts, and a large falcon with a crow-sized body.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Kestrel Location

Kestrel is one of the common birds in Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. You can find this small falcon by heading to the orangery in the town’s back. It will be flying around above you.

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Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Overview and Some Animal Locations 6

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Gecko Location

With the exception of Antarctica, geckos are small, primarily carnivorous lizards with widespread distribution. Geckos are a member of the suborder Gekkota and can be found worldwide in warm climates.

Gecko is an uncommon animal in the game, and you can find it on the ground in the streets and around the town. It may take some time to notice, but it can be seen moving around when you search enough.

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