All Appliances in PlateUp

PlateUp offers a wide range of appliances for players to improve their services and unlock additional content. In this guide, we have provided all the appliances that you can unlock or purchase in the game to improve your gaming experience. So, do not miss your opportunity to check these!

PlateUp All Appliances
All Appliances in PlateUp 3

Serving Appliances

Serving your guests in PlateUp is highly important and you can use a wide range of appliances to ensure your customer satisfaction.

  • Tray Stand: It lets you carry two meals at a time.
  • Coffee Table: It lets you welcome your guests until their table is ready. Thus, you will not miss any customers.
  • Dining Table: It comes in different versions and it is the table where you host your guests.
  • Plates: Plates are crucial for serving food. You can upgrade them to different versions with different benefits such as self-cleaning.

Cleaning Appliances

Of course, the sanitation of your kitchen and restaurant matters a lot. For this reason, you will have to purchase or upgrade a wide range of cleaning appliances in your gameplay.

  • Kitchen Floor Protector: It makes the floor safer by preventing kitchen filth.
  • Bin: You can upgrade it 5 times and each upgrade will increase its capacity by 2. You can throw your waste in it.
  • Scrubbing Brush: It helps you to clean the floor and dishes 3 and 2 times faster, respectively.
  • Dish Rack: It increases the capacity to hold dishes to be cleaned.
  • Floor Buffer: It helps you to clean the floor quickly. You can upgrade it to a robot buffer.
  • Robot Buffer: It helps you to clean the floor automatically.
  • Mops: You can upgrade it three times and each upgrade will let you clean the floors faster. The final upgrades clean the floors automatically.
  • Sink: It has different sub-classes and each of them helps you to clean the dishes to serve food.

All Automatic Appliances

You can use automated systems to boost efficiency in your kitchen. Thus, you can improve your profitability. Here are all the automatic appliances you can use in your kitchen.

  • Portioner: It helps you to automatically cut foods such as pizza for plating.
  • Combiner: It helps you to combine ingredients for you.
  • Auto Plater: It helps you to plate your food automatically.
  • Mixer: It helps you to chop or knead materials automatically. You can also upgrade it to enjoy additional features such as chopping and cooking.
  • Grabber: It helps you to quickly pick ingredients on the counter or hob.
  • Conveyor: It helps you to move the items from one place to another.

Customer-influencing Appliances

If you need to keep your customers under control, then you need to use some of these appliances. Here are all customer-influencing appliances in the game:

  • Display Stand: It helps you to display a particular food, which increases the chance of being ordered more by the guests.
  • Specials Terminal: It helps you to change the order of a random table only once.
  • Ordering Terminal: It lets you get the orders of the entire restaurant at a time.
  • Specials Menu: It helps you to change the orders of guests. You can use it four times a day.
  • Supplies: It helps you to resupply items such as breadsticks, cutlery, or napkins twice a day.
  • Sharp Cutlery: It lets your guests eat their meals faster.
  • Flower Pot: You can choose between different flowers and each flower offers a different feature. It can be used once a day.
  • Napkins: It prevents the mess that your guests may cause at their table. Each unit has 12 napkins.
  • Candle Box: It helps to increase the patience of guests by 20%.
  • Breadsticks: It helps you to slow down the customer’s thinking time and patience.
  • Calm Painting: It increases the patience and order thinking time of the customers by 200%.
  • Plant: It increases the patience of customers by 10%.
PlateUp Cooking Appliances
All Appliances in PlateUp 4

Cooking Appliances

These appliances are beneficial tools and equipment that you are going to use in your kitchens to cook better foods. These are:

  • Sharp Knife: It provides 3 times faster chopping.
  • Rolling Pin: It helps you to prepare the dough in seconds.
  • Prep Station: You can keep your ingredients on this station for use.
  • Frozen Prep Station: It is the upgraded version of the prep station and lets you keep your ingredients fresh for a day.
  • Freezer: It allows you to keep your finished meals fresh for the next day.
  • Counter: You perform your basic cooking operations on counters. You can upgrade it to a freezer or workstation.
  • Workstation: You can knead or cut anything two times faster.
  • Gas Override: It helps you to cook with 100% speed but it can also burn food 400% faster.
  • Gas Limiter: It prevents burning your food by cooking it 25% slower.
  • Oven: It helps you to prepare pizza, pie, and other baked foods. It can be upgraded to a microwave.
  • Microwave: It can help you to cook foods in a few seconds but it also has a higher chance to start a fire in the kitchen.
  • Hob: It has four versions and is an essential tool for cooking your meals.

Blueprint and Research Appliances

You can buy some blueprints and research appliances to enjoy upgrades. They are one of the most important appliances to progress in the game.

  • Discount Desk: It helps you to reprice a blueprint and can be used once a day.
  • Copying Desk: It lets you copy a blueprint once a day.
  • Research Desk: It lets you upgrade your blueprints once a day.
  • Blueprint Desk: It gives you one free blueprint every day.
  • Blueprint Cabinet: It helps you to keep your blueprints in it. All the other appliances perform their functions on the blueprints in this blueprint cabinet.

Other Appliances

There are also other appliances that you may want to take the advantage of to boost your overall gaming experience and progression.

  • Booking Desk: It lets you invite people to your restaurant to make extra money.
  • Fire Extinguisher: It helps you to put out the fire quickly.
  • Work Boots: It lets the players move fast in mess but also makes the mess spread.
  • Wellies: It lets the players move slower but they do not get affected by any mess.
  • Trainers: It lets players move faster when there is no water or muck. In such messes, players move slower than usual.

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