Amazon Prime Gaming October 2023 Free Games

In October, Amazon Prime subscribers can claim exciting video games like Ghostwire: Tokyo, GRUNND, and The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters. Here are all the video games that Prime Gaming will distribute in October 2023.

With Prime Gaming, Amazon offers its Prime subscribers a selection of free games that would normally have a price tag on them. In October, the lineup is heavy on horror titles to celebrate Halloween, with games such as Ghostwire: Tokyo and GRUNND. In addition, there are some new rewards for popular games such as Fall Guys and Pokemon Go and additional content for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

Among the Amazon Prime Gaming October 2023 free games lineup, the most notable is surely Ghostwire: Tokyo, a first-person action horror hybrid from Tango Gameworks and Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. This game is set in a deserted Tokyo that has been taken over by otherworldly beings.

Other titles of Prime Gaming’s October 2023 selection include GRUNNDThe Coma 2: Vicious Sisters — Deluxe EditionMonster Prom 2: Monster CampThe TextorcistGolden Light, and Super Adventure Hand

GRUNND – October 5 on Amazon Games App

GRUNND offers an innovative way of experiencing interactive mystery adventures, featuring platformer-inspired landscapes, swift travel, and multiple-choice events that branch out as soon as you embark on your journey.

Unlike convoluted puzzles, GRUNND focuses on thought-provoking storylines that you need to unravel. You will come across obstacles and challenges, of course, but they relate to the interactions you have with various characters you encounter along the way. The captivating plot of GRUNND centers on you as the protagonist while also shedding light on the world around you and the peculiar stories of its inhabitants.

The game’s setting is heavily influenced by the literary works of Franz Kafka and David Lynch, with a unique style that blends elements of Southern Gothic and Black Metal.

On October 5, players can claim subscribers can also grab Ghostwire: Tokyo and GRUNND and begin to experience a nightmarish Halloween-inspired realm filled with ominous environments, unraveling puzzles, and encountering terrifying creatures. The following week, on October 12, Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp will arrive for free.

Ghostwire: Tokyo – October 5 on Epic Games Store

When Tokyo is overrun by malevolent supernatural entities and a dangerous occultist, it’s up to a squad of masked heroes to save the day in Ghostwire Tokyo. This stylish action-adventure is a scintillating love letter to the city and its curiosities. It also offers a punishingly precise combat system that allows players to hone their elemental magic and weaponry skills.

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, an occultist unleashes deadly supernatural forces that make the city’s inhabitants vanish instantly. To uncover the truth behind this mysterious occurrence, you’ll need to team up with a powerful spectral entity and utilize a formidable set of skills to face the unknown and seek vengeance against the culprit.

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The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters — Deluxe Edition – October 12 on GOG

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters is the sequel to a well-received Korean survival horror adventure, but it stands on its own. The story follows schoolgirl Mina Park as she explores her abandoned high school, Sehwa High, to uncover a sinister realm of spirits and otherworldly creatures. The game uses torn-up pages and dialogue to build its setting, characters, and lore, adding to its overall atmosphere.

Explore the twisted Sehwa district and its intriguing inhabitants in The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters. This game is all about survival as you solve puzzles, uncover clues, and battle a relentless madman. It lets you get lost in the atmospheric story and immerse yourself in the thrilling adventure.

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp – October 12 on GOG

A sequel to the original Monster Prom, Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp takes the young monsters of Camp Spooky to summer camp and gives you a chance to woo your crushes while navigating absurd situations. The game still has a good sense of humor and, as the previous title, is full of memorable characters that can be difficult to categorize (including a clingy demon, a violent devil, a sexy grim reaper, and a sentient computer).

The main changes are primarily in the addition of drinks and a new cryptid character named Moss Man, who can spread gossip that increases or hinders your stats during event-based encounters. These changes add a few extra layers to the gameplay, although some of the events feel more predictable than before.

Despite the presence of drugs, toilet humor, gore, and witchcraft, Monster Prom 2 feels fresh, in part because it has enough additional characters and plots to avoid being just a reskin of the first game.

The Textorcist – October 19 on GOG

A combination bullet hell and typing game, The Textorcist stars Ray Bibbia, a private exorcist. After a short adventure sequence where you guide him around the area he’s investigating in a light point-and-click style, The Textorcist thrusts you into a battle that feels much like a boss gauntlet from an old-school shoot-em-up. 

Demons hurl projectiles at you in definite, complex patterns. You must use the arrow keys to avoid them and the rest of your keyboard to spell out incantations that attack the demons.

The tension between avoiding bullets and shooting your own works just as well here as it does in Shmups, making The Textorcist a very fun game. The pixel art and soundtrack dip into a parody of exploitation flick themes to further add to the tongue-in-cheek tone.

Golden Light – October 19 on Epic Games Store

Golden Light is a spooky game that mixes comedy and horror. It has elements of a game style called “roguelike,” where the game changes every time you play. You’ll be exploring a creepy place called the Gut to save someone you care about.

Golden Light is a gorgeous horror game that’s already better than most AAA releases. The aesthetics are incredible, with a disgusting hellscape that recalls the Otherworld from Silent Hill and colorful dreamscapes that give the game a unique twist. Then there’s the gameplay, which is challenging and engaging, despite being brutally hard.

Super Adventure Hand – October 26 on Amazon Games App

Here is the most handsome hand in the world! You play as a hand on a gripping hand adventure where you single-handedly face dangerous obstacles and de-feet a handful of evil feet.

Super Adventure Hand is a game where you control a hand that goes on a journey to get its arm back from some bad feet. It’s a type of game where you have to solve puzzles using physics (how things move and interact with each other).

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