American Theft 80s Review

The popularity of stealth games is increasing every passing day, and we are pretty sure that American Theft 80s will be one of the leading games in the genre. It offers a unique concept with amazing graphics and well-designed gameplay. We highly recommend taking a look at this review to learn more about the game.

American Theft 80s is a stealth and actionadventure game where you are going to play as a thief. If you have played the Thief Simulator before, we need to note that American Theft 80s was developed by the same team. It seems like Noble Muffins is highly skilled at creating popular games, and we encourage you to give them a try to see their masterpiece.

American Theft 80s was published on June 15, 2022, and it managed to receive plenty of great feedback from the players. The publisher of the game is PlayWay S.A. One of the great bonuses of American Theft 80s is its price. It is offered at a reasonable price of $19.99 on Steam.

American Theft 80s Gameplay

As we mentioned before, you are going to play as a thief in this game. The character you’ll play as wants to increase his reputation and reach the peak of his career. However, he needs your assistance and skills to be one of the most wanted thieves ever! 

You have a straightforward objective, and that is getting the right tools and robbing the correct venues! You can rob anywhere you want, from houses to banks, museums to stores, unless you have the required skills and tools.

Of course, the residents or workers will not be the only challenge on your journey. Also, you have to avoid the police and make sure they can fall off your tails by speeding on the highway and streets. Besides stealing and running away from the police, plenty of mini and arcade games will be waiting for you in this fantastic game.

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American Theft 80s Key Features

The only limitation will be your imagination when you are planning to steal something. American Theft 80s offers a wide range of venue types to break into and steal stuff from. This provides great versatility and makes the game much funnier. Additionally, you will have to master plenty of skills to break into these venues quickly.

Besides stealing cars in American Theft 80s, you can also purchase them for safer operations. One of the most important key features is players need to disguise themselves to explore and break into areas they are planning to rob. Of course, as one of the most important names in the crime world, you can also get shady jobs to make a name for yourself.

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Will American Theft 80s Worth Playing?

If you like playing stealth games, then we are pretty sure that you are going to like playing American Theft 80s a lot. However, we assure you that American Theft 80s is much more than a stealth game. Good planning and strategy are two elements that will decide how good you are going to be in your career.

Considering the diverse gameplay of the game, we believe the game can appeal to a wide range of tastes. Since the cost of the game is quite reasonable, we highly encourage you to invest your money in this next-generation stealth game, which will take you back to the 80s. Before you purchase the game, it might be a good idea to take a look at the system requirements of American Theft 80s.

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