Among Us Arena

Somebody has made a fighting game with the full of multi-colored crewmates from Among Us and called it Among Us Arena.

Among Us Arena Overview

The multiplayer social inference game Among Us, which was released as an indie game on in 2018, has managed to make a name for itself in the video game industry. The game became popular especially during the days when the Covid-19 pandemic was intense. And it had managed to entertain us in those quarantine days.

In Among Us, You only need to make various inferences in the game, where we try to find the imposter among us. But what if you tried to find the imposter by using the old way?

That’s what exactly the indie game developer Starcutter thought of. And he used this idea to create a traditional 2D fighting game, which he called Among Us Arena.


Playing Among Us Arena is so easy and it has pretty much everything you are looking for in a fighting game, such as a strong attack, a light attack, a knife attack, and a gun attack. Also, all these attacks can be performed standing, crouching, or in the air.

Among Us Arena also has three game modes, including training, arcade mode, and multiplayer mode. And the game comes with both local and online multiplayer modes. So you can play the game with your friend side by side or online multiplayer.

There are also 15 selectable characters in this game. But they don’t have any differences in terms of specifications. So, you just select your favorite color you want to see on the screen and start to fight with your character.

Among Us Arena on

Among Us Arena was released on on September 10th. Although the game is available to download for free charge, don’t forget to support the developer, Starcutter, for his hard work and to see the game better. In any case, make sure you get the download for your preferred region before going online.

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