Run 3 – An Interestingly Fun Running Game

Ready to find out how far you can go from the world? If you are one of those who prefer flash games to kill time, Run 3 may be the game for you. In Run 3, with rhythmic music, you will run in order not to get lost in the depths of space, will open new characters, and you will play again and again to pass the increasingly difficult chapters.

What Is Run 3?

Run 3 is a fun game where you can spend your free time and distract yourself. Run 3 is a flash game that will help you distract from your work or lessons for a moment in these difficult times when you work from home or enter online classes, especially due to COVID-19.

You don’t get bored of the game immediately because the difficulty between the levels increases very slowly. You open new characters as the level passes with the difficulty level, and it is possible to switch between characters at any time. Each character you open has different characteristics. Thus, you can do tactics by using the character you want at the level you want. For example, using the skater character in the snow level.

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How To Play Run 3?

Since Run 3 is a flash game, you can play it on any browser. Run 3 is a game played with the arrow keys. You may also use the space or the up arrow key to jump.

There are two playable modes in the game; Explore Mode and Infinite Mode. In Explore Mode, the map you run is changing with slowly increasing difficulty. On the other hand, Infinite Mode is a mode you can use for shorter games, and the map changes randomly.

Run 3’s home screen includes a section you can choose characters. These characters, which open as the level goes on, have different features of their own, and you can use them in the section you want.

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Run 3 On Cool Math

Run 3 is playable for free on Cool Math Games. Coolmath Games is a platform that hosts many fun flash games like Run 3. On this website, you can find lots of flash games that will distract and entertain you. You can directly reach Run 3 on Coolmath from the QR Code below.

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QR Code to reach Run 3 on Cool Math

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