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Annie Mod FNF is one of the well-known Friday Night Funkin Mods developed by Atsuover. In the VS. Annie Mod, The Boyfriend will have a rap battle against emo-like Annie with her four weird songs.

For those who never heard the Friday Night Funkin, it is a rhythm-based indie game developed by Newground users Ninjamuffin99. Friday Night Funkin, AKA FNF, is an open-sources game, and for this reason, everyone can make a mod to this game. I believe FNF mods are holding the game alive and make it more popular every day.


VS. Annie Mod is a Friday Night Funkin Mod developed by Youtuber Atsuover. In this mod, The Boyfriend and The Girlfriend will face against an emo girl with a bottle called The Liquid in hand.

Annie could be described as a self-sufficient girl who has emo fashion hair and clothes. She also replaces Pico and Christmas Monster in Weeks 3 and 5 on the original Friday Night Funkin. The most unique feature of Annie is the bottle she holds in her hand, called The Liquid.

Annie Mod FNF features four brand new songs as follows and was created by Atsuover, who is also the developer of the mod.

  1. Good Enough
  2. Lover
  3. Tug of War
  4. Animal

Annie Mod FNF No Download

Annie Mod FNF can be played without needing a download. Below, you can play VS. Annie Mod FNF online.

Note that following FNF Mod, Annie Mod will be downloaded on RAM, and as soon as you close this page, it will be deleted. Also, the loading time of the following FNF mod may vary depending on your internet speed. If the download is stuck, please refresh the page.

Play FNF vs. Annie Mod Online

Annie Mod Download

It is possible to download Annie Mod on your PC. If you prefer to play FNF Annie Mod by downloading it, you can visit the mod’s official page on GameBanana.

Stay tuned to Lawod to find more about Friday Night Funkin and discover more FNF Mods.

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