Anomaly Agent Review – Agent 70’s Perilous Path To Keep The World on Balance

Anomaly Agent is a cyberpunk beat-'em-up game that's caught the attention of players and critics alike, and for good reason! Do you wonder why? Let's learn together!

Anomaly Agent is an action platformer that takes you on a thrilling journey through a cyberpunk universe. Our main hero, Agent 70, reminds me of some sort of a combination of Jim Carry’s Ace Venture and Owen Wilson’s Ken Hutchinson (Starsky & Hutch). He is a member of an organization called Tday that is responsible for maintaining the natural order, and Agent 70 aims to stop Anomalies that disrupt the balance of the world and cause significant chaos. In Anomaly Agent, Agent 70’s promotion is put on hold due to an unexpected mission. He must now locate an organized group of anomalies in what could be his most complex and perilous task yet. 

Gameplay: Classic Platformer Spiced with Anomalies and Character Interactions

The story was catchy, wasn’t it? What about gameplay? First off, Anomaly Agent is actually small, with only 377 MB, yet it is a pretty fun game. You’ll be tasked with tackling a variety of anomalies – from gravity-defying egg machines to time-traveling villains. The game’s reality-warping concept keeps things fresh and unexpected, which as what anomaly games usually do​​.

With its roots in the Metroidvania genre, you’ll find yourself battling across side-scrolling planes, using a mix of attack combos, weapons, and gadgets. 

Does the game strike an excellent balance between combat and platforming segments and the boss fights? Oh, they are a blast! Each boss brings a unique challenge that’s fun yet requires your full attention​​. Bosses in the game are challenging enough to keep you on your toes but not so difficult that you’d feel like you’re in a Dark Souls game.

The game also weaves in a quirky, supernatural story without bogging you down with heavy exposition. The narrative unfolds through interactions and events, and guess what? Your choices matter, influencing the game’s outcome and even Agent 70’s health and skills​​. You can make the characters happy or sad, which gets you points you can use to upgrade. The best thing is that even though there’s not a lot of talking, the characters are super fun and memorable. They all have their own personalities that really pop out, even during brief interactions. And the way the story is told is really simple, so the game moves fast and keeps you interested.

Interacting with the characters in Anomaly Agent also results in the game having two possible endings, but you can’t experience them both at once. Once you’ve seen one ending, the game concludes with a humorous closing section. Thankfully, the New Game+ feature is then unlocked, allowing you to replay the game and see the other ending while retaining all your acquired skills.

Visuals and Sound: You’ll Feel the Cyberpunk Environment With Pixel Art Graphics and 80s-Themed Soundtracks

If you’ve already been impressed by Anomaly Agent‘s gameplay, you better now read the visuals and sounds since this part completes the game perfectly, and I can’t say more than that the Anomaly Agent is a pixel art lover’s dream game. 

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Anomaly Agent Review - Agent 70's Perilous Path To Keep The World on Balance 13

The game’s audio and visual design is truly impressive – a real treat for the senses. The pixel art is beautifully simple yet expressive, perfectly capturing the essence of the game’s characters and environments. The environments themselves, ranging from subways to rooftops, are rendered in a style that’s both minimalist and vivid, perfectly capturing the neon-lit, graffiti-filled cyberpunk aesthetic. The character design deserves a shout-out, too, with each character’s personality shining through their unique visual style​​.

If you’re a fan of cyberpunk-style graphics and environment, you’ll definitely appreciate the 80s-themed soundtrack that blends synth with upbeat techno tunes. The music pairs perfectly with the visuals, keeping your adrenaline pumping as you navigate through the diverse levels of the game. Not to mention, the sound effects are spot-on, adding to the overall atmosphere whether you’re strolling the bustling streets or navigating the subways. All in all, the perfect combination of sound and visuals will leave you feeling fully immersed in the game’s world.

Final Thoughts: Anomaly Agent is a Must-Play for Platformer Fans

Anomaly Agent is a real gem in the platformer genre. It’s a game that has been crafted with love by fellow gamers, for gamers. While there is room for improvement, such as more varied thematic levels, the game still offers a satisfying and enjoyable experience. With its engaging gameplay, unique storyline, stunning visuals, and lively soundtrack, Anomaly Agent is a truly fun game to play. According to OpenCritic, the game has a rating of 83 and has been recommended by top critics with a 100% approval rating. For those interested, Anomaly Agent is available on Steam for just $9.59 and Xbox for $14.99.

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