Atlas Fallen Gameplay Features and Review

Atlas Fallen is an action RPG from the developers of The Surge. The game offers great gameplay features, and here you can learn more about the mechanics of the upcoming title Atlas Fallen.

Set in a fantasy world that has fallen under the sand, Atlas Fallen liberates players from corrupted gods. The game takes place in a semi-open world, where the player controls a custom character who wields a mysterious gauntlet that shape-shifts into multiple weapons to combat enemies. The action is incredibly fluid, with the gauntlet’s attack system blending with the environment to create a unique gameplay experience. There’s an emphasis on quick-moving and deft dodging and the ability to perform combo attacks with a light and heavy attack, which add extra damage when held down. 

As the game progresses, you can gather Gauntlet Shards and use them to unlock new abilities. These include Raise, which enables you to lift imposing structures from the ground, and Crush, which gives you the power to rip magical seals and chains apart.

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Another interesting mechanic in Atlas Fallen is its Momentum Bar, which gradually fills as your deal damage to enemies. The bar is divided into three segments, and the fuller it is, the more powerful your attacks will be.

One of the unique aspects of Atlas Fallen‘s combat is that it has a lot of emphasis on aerial attacks. When you’re airborne, you can perform a dodge roll that allows you to extend combos. This feature is uncommon in open-world action games, but it’s well-implemented and feels surprisingly powerful.

The game’s sand-based attack system allows you to build a large amount of momentum, and this energy will be used to power up your special abilities and buff your character. In addition, a sand shield will help you parry enemy attacks. The ability to lift imposing structures and objects buried in the ground, thanks to the essence in the sand. These abilities will allow you to unlock secret areas, uncover sunken ruins, and access hidden treasures that will change the course of history in the land of Atlas.

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You Can Play Atlas Fallen With Your Friends Thanks To Co-op System

Atlas Fallen will support co-op, allowing players to collaborate with a friend to complete epic battles. This will add a degree of strategy and excitement to the game, as you’ll have to work together to defeat legendary creatures. In this mode, you can work with a friend to take down the massive monsters that threaten humanity.

Whether you choose to play alone or with someone else, Atlas Fallen is sure to provide an epic adventure and unforgettable thrills as you take on the ancient gods that have corrupted the lands of Atlas. 

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Character Creation And Customization are Available in Atlas Fallen

During your adventure, you’ll meet people from every level of society: peasants, military, knights, priests, and more. Some will be true to their word, while others will prove manipulative or downright hostile to your character’s quest.

Creating your character is a breeze in Atlas Fallen, as you choose from a variety of different body types and customize them with a wide range of abilities. You can also add items to your character, which will make it even more unique in the fights you take on.

Atlas Fallen is an impressive and exciting fantasy action RPG that will appeal to fans of the genre. It offers a vast world filled with strange creatures and intense battles, as well as a combat system that’s designed to be accessible for a variety of play styles.

Pre-purchase is now available for Atlas Fallen on Steam. The full game is expected to be released in August 2023.

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