Atomic Heart – Everything About It

Are you ready for a journey to an alternative universe with a future USSR? With the Atomic Heart, you will serve in the USSR in an alternative universe as a KGB agent and discover these Soviet retro-futuristic venues built with the Unreal Engine. Atomic Heart is an upcoming action RPG game that managed to get an investment from Tencent Games. Let’s find out with this article if Atomic Heart is impressive or not.

Atomic Heart – Everything About It 3

Atomic Heart Trailer

Atomic Heart was announced in 2018 with the trailer below. The game, which stands out with its impressive designs, has succeeded in exciting action RPG game lovers. You can watch the first Atomic Heart trailer below. Don’t forget to follow Atomic Heart’s official Youtube account for all other published and to-be-published trailers.

Atomic Heart in a Nutshell

To make their dream video games, four friends came together and established Mundfish in 2017. This is the story behind the Atomic Heart. Well, what is the front story then? Developers of the Atomic Heart had imagined a universe where the USSR still exists. Hence, the game is essentially set in a Soviet retro-futuristic setting.

In Atomic Heart, you will take on the role of a KGB agent who is sent to investigate a facility. You’ll also have some ranged and melee futuristic weapons to survive. It is obvious to understand when you watch the trailer things can get hard rapidly.

Based on the trailers and screenshots, we can say that quite impressive places have been created in the game. With the investment of a powerful Chinese gaming company like Tencent Games, Mundfish can really make their name heard with Atomic Heart. The energy of the team that developed the game seems to be high. Also, let’s not forget that the game is made with the Unreal Engine. As a result, expectations are high for Atomic Heart, which is expected to be released this year.

Atomic Heart – Everything About It 4

Atomic Heart Gameplay

Below you will find the Atomic Heart gameplay video posted from Atomic Heart’s official Youtube account. This video can give you an idea of what Atomic Heart will be like. As I mentioned before, the locations, weapons, in short, everything built with Unreal Engine looks very impressive.

Atomic Heart Available Platforms

According to the information on Atomic Heart’s official website, we will be able to play the game on almost any platform. Since the game is single-player, there are no features such as crossplay.

Atomic Heart is expected to be released for PS4 and PS5 on Playstation platforms, for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S on Xbox platforms, and for PC.

Atomic Heart Release Date

It says “TBA” as the game’s release date on Atomic Heart’s official website and on Steam. So there is no clear date yet. However, in a statement from Mundfish, they stated that Atomic Heart will be published in 2021. But if you want, you can add Atomic Heart to your wish list on Steam to follow the game more closely.

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