Bad North Guide – Everything You May Want To Know

Check out this Bad North guide to find the answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

Bad North is a stripped-back RTS where a single wrong move can ruin an entire run. It’s a game that demands clear-headed judgment but also rewards careful planning. That’s why you may need this Bad North guide to learn some of the most wondered topics about the game.

Bad North is a charming but brutal real-time tactics roguelite that allows players to control squads as they defend an island home against waves of Viking invaders. The game was developed by Plausible Concept and is available for PC via Steam and Epic Games, Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile devices via Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Bad North Enemy Icons

In Bad North, understanding enemy icons and what units are best for each map is crucial to defending and beating the game. While the basics, like brown raiders, are easy to kill, more advanced enemies can pose a much bigger threat. 

For example, Brute Archers can pierce through shields and target unshielded troops. However, they’re also incredibly expensive to deploy and can easily be flanked by unhidden infantry. Therefore, deploying them only where necessary is crucial.

A Reddit user has drawn all the Bad North enemy icons so that players can define the enemy ahead. Below, you can find the enemy icons.

bad north enemy icons
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Bad North Maximum Commanders

Bad North is a real-time strategy game with a roguelite twist. You battle waves of Viking enemies as you defend houses on procedurally-generated islands. Each island has different features, and you can upgrade units to increase their strength and efficiency. 

You control up to four commanders in a battle, each commander effectively acting as a group of soldiers based on their class. You can also unlock new commanders as you play.

Bad North Ring of Command

After successfully defending an Item Island, there is a chance that a Ring of Command item will drop. 


You can use a Level 1 Ring of Command to increase the size of your commander’s unit from 9 to 12 soldiers. You can also upgrade it to a Level 2 Ring of Command for 16 coins, which will further increase the unit’s size to 16 soldiers. It’s important to note that once an item is assigned to a commander, it cannot be removed. 

You can choose the Bad North Ring of Command as a starting item if you have unlocked it. Additionally, you can compare a Level 2 Ring of Command squad to a normal squad.

Bad North War Horn

After successfully defending an Item Island, you may obtain a War Horn. This item can be given to your commanders, granting them the ability to immediately call soldiers from a house of your choosing on an island. 


The Level 1 War Horn allows for the calling of 3 soldiers and can only be used once per island. Upon upgrading to Level 2 (8 coins), 5 soldiers can be called instead of 3. However, units cannot be reinforced beyond their limit of 9 soldiers. Upon reaching Level 3 (14 coins), the War Horn can be used twice on an island, with a short cooldown period. 

Once assigned to a commander, the War Horn cannot be removed. If you have unlocked it, you may choose the War Horn as a starting item.

How Do You Unlock Starting Traits in Bad North Lawod ss
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How Do You Unlock Starting Traits in Bad North?

When you defend an island and bring on board a commander with a white-background trait flag, you can use that trait as a starting point when starting a new campaign. 
The commander’s flag will have a white background for any perks that you unlock, and an extra white ring will appear around item icons that you unlock. You can use these perks and items in future runs as long as you complete the island that they are found on. You don’t need to finish the entire campaign to unlock them.

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