Bendy and the Dark Revival – A Short Horror Game With Lots Of Imagination

Developed by Joey Drew Studios, Bendy and the Dark Revival is a horror game set in a dilapidated animation studio. It is the follow-up to the original Bendy and the Ink Machine from 2017. The game revolves around the story of Audrey, a young woman working at Archgate Pictures.

To get out of the terrifying studio, Audrey has to figure out how to solve puzzles and learn new skills. She will also have to fight off ink monsters, who are the game’s main gimmick. You can help Audrey by using stealth, agility, and strategy to outsmart your enemies. 

In general, the game’s graphics look beautiful and have a great audio design. However, its primary weakness is its muddled narrative beats. It is difficult to connect with the characters and understand the purpose of the events. Here’s what we think of it so far.

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Bendy and the Dark Revival - A Short Horror Game With Lots Of Imagination 2

Entertaining and Scary Enough, but not for Long

Bendy and the Dark Revival is a relatively short adventure game. The average player can expect to complete the game in about five hours. However, stick with it if you like exploration.

The cast is interesting, but the game’s characters could be more fleshed out. Their interactions are fun and memorable but add little to the plot. This means that some of the game’s scare mechanics fall flat after the first hour for us.

So, the game evinces the old adage, “The most important thing is to get started.” But the game is short and doesn’t do much more than that. 

New Interesting Mechanics behind Eye Candy Graphics

Besides displaying a lot of eye candy, the game also features a few interesting mechanics. For instance, Bendy is able to use a flow to go up and down, and he also has a map. The game’s graphics are excellent, and the audio design is top-notch.

Bendy and the Dark Revival is a great example of how technology and imagination can work together to create something cool. Aside from the world being covered in ink, the game also has a great soundtrack with both loud and quiet songs.

Bendy and the Dark Revival is now available on Steam for PCs and will be available for Xbox and PlayStation.

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