Best Inscryption Cards

The number of games that combine the horror and deck-building genres is quite loved. In this regard, Inscryption is one of the best games you can play. This fun yet the scary game will take you on a great adventure. Just like in all card games, you need to build a great deck to easily progress. 

Thus, we wanted to compile some of the best 5 Inscryption cards for you! Besides these great cards, we have also shared brief information about the game. So, you should not miss your opportunity to learn more about Inscryption

What is Inscryption? 

Inscryption is a rare card battler game that offers a unique horror experience to its players. The game was developed by Daniel Mullins Games and released on October 19, 2021. So far, Inscryption received plenty of feedback from the players and received overwhelmingly positive reviews. 
Thus, it may be a great idea to give this game a try. If you are planning to do so, do not miss your chance to check the following section. To get detailed information about the game, you can read the Inscryption review article.

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5 Best Inscryption Cards 

If you want to guarantee victory in every battle, we recommend including these cards in your deck! Here are the 5 best cards and their features. 

Child 13 

You cannot kill this card by sacrificing it. Instead, you will be awakening it and increasing its power. It is also worth noting that since the card can take flight it can avoid the blockers. This boosts its damage by two. 


Just like Child 13, you cannot kill this card by sacrificing it. On the other hand, this card does not awaken but remains a reusable source for you. Although the Cat card may not be as effective as the Child 13 card, both of these cards must be in your deck for versatility. 

Mantis God 

What makes the Mantis God card special is its attack range. Unlike other cards that can only attack the enemy in front of them, Mantis God can attack three enemies at once. 

Mirror Tentacle 

Although Mirror Tentacle is quite challenging to obtain, it is worth trying. This is an amazing card because the amount of damage you can inflict depends on the damage output of your enemy’s card. 

Mole Man 

You cannot think of a deck without defensive cards. In this regard, Mole Man can do very well for you. With 6 health, it is the best guardian card you can find in the game. 

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