Inscryption Review

If you are looking for a great and fun adventure full of horror elements, you need to check out Inscryption. It seems quite promising with plenty of positive feedback from players.

It combines different gaming genres and offers a unique adventure for the players. While you are trying to escape rooms, you will also try to progress on the map. Moreover, you need to do this by battling with different NPCs! If you would like to learn more about this game, then keep reading!

Inscryption Overview

Inscryption is one of the new releases that received a great deal of positive feedback from the testers and players. Basically, it is a card-battling game combined with room-escape puzzles and plenty of horror elements. The game was developed by Daniel Mullins Games and published by Devolver Digital on Steam on October 19, 2021.

Devolver Digital is one of the rising stars in the gaming industry. You will easily remember them with their popular games Fall Guys and Loop Hero. Without a doubt, Inscryption will contribute to their fame a lot! With its amazing and dark graphics, this game offers a different horror experience for the players. Moreover, it also includes a great deal of strategy with its deck-building concept.

Getting used to Inscryption may take some time since you need to build your own deck and learn more about each card. However, the game provides great convenience with its gameplay. Your goal is to solve puzzles, battle with weird creatures and monsters, and progress on your map.

You have three ways to find new creature cards, and these are self-mutilation, surgery, and draft. Your main goal is to unlock the secrets in Leshy’s cabin. However, as you can guess, it won’t be easy, especially when the game catches you off-guard and scares you too often.

Inscryption Review 2

Inscryption Download

Inscryption is now available only on Steam for $19,99. Unfortunately, it is only available on PC and doesn’t support any operating system but Windows. However, most of the card-battling games released for Windows were developed for other platforms in the past. However, we don’t expect that it will be released for macOS or Linux.

Will Inscryption be on PS4?

Considering that the game becomes very popular only in a few weeks, we can expect the game will launch on other platforms, too. But there is no news related to the Inscryption release date for PS4 or PS5. This means that we cannot see the game on gaming consoles like PlayStation or Xbox in the near future.

Who Can Play Inscryption?

If you enjoy playing strategy games but especially deck-building and card-battling games, then you may like this game. Additionally, if you also enjoy horror games or productions with dark themes, it can even be your next favorite game.

We believe the game will not be appealing to the younger audience. It puts a lot of stress on the players from time to time, and it may not be a good idea to let your younglings play this game for now. On the other hand, both male and female players can have plenty of good time playing this great game.

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Inscryption Editor Rating: 3/5

If we’d create a list of why you should not play the Inscryption game, it would be much easier for us. Inscryption offers a great story and gameplay by combining multiple gaming genres. But, it’s not for everyone. The developers managed to harmonize the best aspects of each genre. And as a result, they developed a great card-battling game.

Those who are looking for a game that they can play for years without being addicted should give it a try Inscryption. We believe that you are not going to feel any regret by purchasing this amazing game. But you may get easily bored.

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