Best Minecraft Servers

Minecraft is one of the most popular games that has ever been developed. It is no surprise that we find amazing servers to spend our game time with. If you got bored with the official servers, then it might be a good time to try the ones we picked for you!

Below, you are going to find the 5 best Minecraft servers that every fan must try! We have also included some brief information to help you to decide on which one you are going to try first. Do not miss your opportunity to learn more about the best servers available on the market.

best minecraft servers grand-theft-minecrart-1

Grand Theft Minecart

We are pretty sure that you love Minecraft, and we are also sure that you love the Grand Theft Auto series. So here is a server is for you! You’ll have a gaming experience similar to the GTA series but in a Minecraft world! Moreover, you can also find amazing weapons to use in the game!

Just make sure that you avoid the cops at all costs to not get busted. We are pretty sure that Grand Theft Minecart will offer you a great gaming experience.


If you are looking for a role-playing server, then Minescape is a great choice for you! This astonishing server is a combination of the famous role-playing game RuneScape and Minecraft. You can level up to 99, battle with monsters and creatures while improving your abilities and equipment.

You can also choose between two servers that have various advantages and disadvantages. The best thing you can do is try both and pick the best one for yourself!

minecraft middle earth 1

Minecraft Middle Earth

Minecraft Middle Earth was built by getting inspiration from Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Thus, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the scenery as you are playing Lord of the Rings. As you probably noticed, this server combines Lord of the Rings and Minecraft.

Players can contribute to the development of the game. You can create amazing and breathtaking structures for any race you like. All you need to do is follow the rules of the server and contribute to the development of this mysterious world.


You have no excuse to complain about a good Pokémon game anymore! PixelmonCraft offers you this adventure and experience in the Minecraft world. The server only includes two Pokémon regions for now, which are Johto and Kanto.

You can explore the wild, catch Pokémon, and of course, battle with other trainers. In addition to this, you can find plenty of gym owners to collect badges. If you are determined to be the best, PixelmonCraft offers you this opportunity in a fun world.


With its studio-quality design, Mineplex is another alternative you can consider. This server is famous for being the largest server on the market. You are going to play with thousands of players online in different zones and regions.

Besides dozens of things you can do, we recommend playing Minekart on this fun server. It is the combination of Minecraft and Mario Kart, where you are going to compete with other players online.

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