Bloody Hell Hotel – A Hotel Management Game That You Should Add to Your Wishlist

Bloody Hell Hotel managed to attract great attention with its official teaser! If you love simulation and strategy games, then you are going to love this stylish single-player dark comedy. It will appeal to a wide range of audiences, without a doubt!

Bloody Hell Hotel is being developed and will be published by Unfold Games, the developer of the psychological horror action, Darq. However, there has been no announcement made about the official release date. However, you can add Bloody Hell Hotel to your wishlist so that you can get a notification when the game is released.

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Bloody Hell Hotel - A Hotel Management Game That You Should Add to Your Wishlist 2

Bloody Hell Hotel Gameplay & Features

Bloody Hell Hotel is literally a hotel management simulation, where you will build the perfect hotel for your guests. You are going to play as a vampire who has been sleeping for centuries. When you wake up, you find that your estate is nothing but a mess.

Thus, you will start to renovate your estate and make it as glorious as it used to be. However, you are a vampire and have your own supernatural powers to make things easier for you. Players will benefit from these features by building their new hotel and starting by welcoming their guests.

You will be responsible for almost everything in your hotel. These include cleaning the rooms, installing the appliances, hanging wallpaper, and fixing broken furniture. Of course, you will be adding your personal touch by customizing your hotel to make it look amazing!

Considering that you are a vampire, you also need to feed! This means that you will get the money from your guests and then get them. Besides sucking their blood, you will also use their meat to save money. You can also explore the dungeons to unlock new upgrades by crafting your own weapons at the hotel.

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