Blue Protocol Classes

Several different classes can be played throughout the game Blue Protocol. This article will discuss all the different characters and classes you can play in the game.

Blue Protocol is an upcoming online action roleplaying game. It is a game designed to be easy to play with friends. Players will be able to take on invasions and other challenges in an effort to restore balance to the planet. In the process, they will also be able to hone their skills in a variety of challenges. Blue Protocol will have five different classes available at launch.

In addition to the standard class-based system, Blue Protocol offers extensive character customization. Custom hairstyles, face painting, facial expressions, outfits, mounts, and more can all be created. As you level up, you can join guilds and recruit high-level members to help you advance. Your character can even learn to summon mystical creatures called Echoes.

All the Classes in Blue Protocol

Currently, there are five available classes in Blue Protocol. These include the Spell Caster, the Aegis Fighter, the Twin Striker, the Heavy Smasher, and the Foe Breaker. Each of these classes is suited for different playing styles. You can also switch between the classes to find the right one for you.

  • Spell Caster class is a backline mage. This character can use ranged attacks as well as ice and lightning attacks. They can also heal teammates from a distance.
  • Aegis Fighter is a melee class that can attack at medium and close range. It also serves as a lynchpin of defense. 
  • Blade Warden is another character in Blue Protocol with many offensive and defensive skills.
  • Twin Striker is a fast-paced melee damage class that uses two powerful axes in a fight. During the course of the game, they can build a combo gauge. To maintain their power, they constantly attack.
  • Foe Breaker is the last Blue Protocol character to be introduced. This class can fire cannonballs and create openings for the other characters to use.

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