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Bob Mod FNF is another FNF Mods we like. Bob is an angry guy that Boyfriend will face in a rap battle. In this mod, a complete week with three brand new songs, cutscenes, and more.

Friday Night Funkin is a rhythm-based indie game that you as a Boyfriend will have rhythm battles against characters who are not cool with you dating with Girlfriend. You can find almost everything about Friday Night Funkin on Lawod. If you are unfamiliar with the FNF, you can check the Friday Night Funkin review article.


Bob differs from other mods in terms of appearance. It seems like somebody draw him on a piece of paper and then crumble it. Bob is so angry because of his appearance, and you can understand that from the cutscene. But, he will be indifferent appearance when you pass a song. In the first song, Bob will appear as a basic black and white drawing with one arm. In the Run songs, you will see Bob as completely black with hyperrealistic eyes and no arms.

Bob Mod FNF Songs

VS. Bob Mod FNF comes with three songs called sunshine, withered, and run. But it has much more songs in it. For example, if you press “7” while playing “Run,” you can see the static screen with the text “You can’t run” along with a creepy sound. Here is the list of the songs:

  • Sunshine
  • By Your Side
  • Withered
  • No Budged Sad
  • Run
  • Bob’s Theme
  • ^^^^^’!’

VS. Bob Mod FNF No Download

You can play VS. Bob Mod FNF no download below. If you have low disk space, you may not want to download the Bob Mod on your PC. So, here you can play the mod on your browser. Note that the loading time of the following FNF mod may vary depending on your internet speed. If the download is stuck, please refresh the page.

Play FNF vs. Bob Mod Online

VS. Bob Mod FNF Download

It is possible to download Bob Mod. Many Friday Night Funkin mod developers uploaded their mods on GameBanana. You can download whatever mod you want to download on GameBanana. Before you download the VS. Bob Mod, make sure that you have the original Friday Night Funkin. Otherwise, you cannot run the mod.

To discover more FNF Mods, stay tuned to Lawod.

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