Bomb Rush Cyberfunk The Rival Crew

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a new 3D action game from Team Reptile, creators of the popular Lethal League series. Here are Bomb Rush Cyberfunk The Rival Crew Characters: 

At the heart of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk lies the intense rivalry between various factions, each with its own unique identity and style. Here are the Rival Crew characters from the astrology-enthused Eclipse to the tech-savvy DOT EXE, the oriental-themed Devil Theory, the traditionalist Oldheads, the forward-looking FUTURISM, and the Frankenstein-esque The Franks, these teams not only shape the game’s narrative but also define its cultural landscape. 

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk The Rival Crew, with their distinct approaches to street art and urban expression, bring life to the fictional city of New Amsterdam, setting the stage for a graffiti battle like no other. In this article, we’ll dive into the essence of these rival crews, exploring their territories, philosophies, and the unique flair they bring to the game’s rich tapestry of street culture and art.


Bomb Rush Cyberfunk The Rival Crew 7

Eclipse is a group of girls in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk who have a particular interest in Astrology. They are one of the rival factions in the game, and their territorial expansion is linked to celestial alignment. Eclipse’s turf is located in Millennium Square, which serves as their base of operations. It is possible that Eclipse represents a unique crew with their own style and characteristics, which could be evident in their approach to graffiti and street culture.


DOT EXE 1 edited
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk The Rival Crew 8

DOT EXE is one of the competing groups in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. They are known for owning Millennium Mall and using technology to enhance their breakdancing skills. They are dedicated to becoming the best in their field. 

If you play Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, you might come across DOT EXE in Millennium Mall. They will ask you to complete a score attack challenge in three minutes or less, where you need to reach 5,000,000 points. This is the easiest score attack in the game.

To unlock DOT EXE, you need to purchase the Ignition: Act 1 battle pass and reach Tier 45. He is a non-upgradable Vandal skin and comes with his own unique version of the Ghost weapon.

Devil Theory

Devil Theory
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk The Rival Crew 9

Devil Theory is one of the many competing groups in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. They are known for their oriental-themed style and are considered the primary troublemakers. After being kicked out of Mataan, they seized control of Pyramid Island, cementing their dominance. The crew’s rebellious and edgy nature sets them apart in the game’s narrative and graffiti battles, making them a force to be reckoned with.

The Oldheads

The Oldheads
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk The Rival Crew 10

The Oldheads are a group in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk that consists of aging hip-hop enthusiasts. They are mainly focused on maintaining the street code and overseeing crew conflicts. The Oldheads are responsible for creating most of the game’s lore and often speak about a place known as Old Amsterdam. It is believed that this place lies directly beneath New Amsterdam. The Oldheads are considered the more experienced and traditional crew of graffiti artists in the game and offer a different perspective from the newer crews.


Bomb Rush Cyberfunk The Rival Crew 11

FUTURISM is one of the rival groups in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk that held power over Mataan under the leadership of DJ Cyber. The group’s name suggests a forward-thinking and innovative approach to graffiti, which could add a unique and modern touch to the game’s artistic expression.

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The Franks

The Franks
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk The Rival Crew 12

The Franks are one of the rival factions in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. They are a group of inhabitants living in Versum Hill who resemble constructs similar to Frankenstein’s monster. The group’s leader, known as The Flesh Prince, meticulously sews together body fragments to create their amalgamations.

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