Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Optional Members: Rave, Shine, and Rise

Rave's agility, Shine's navigation, and Rise's strategic approach provide you with a diverse and enriching gaming experience. The combination of these characters creates a valuable addition to any team, making Bomb Rush Cyberfunk an exciting game that keeps you engaged and entertained.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is an exciting, retro-style game that serves as the spiritual successor to Jet Set Radio. With its stunning pixel art visuals and smooth mechanics, it allows you to explore the vibrant world of New Amsterdam while expressing yourself through dance and strategy. Whether you’re looking to increase your reputation, create graffiti art, or stay one step ahead of the law, the game offers a variety of challenges to unlock new characters and grow your crew. To achieve this, you must complete and beat their challenges, adding depth and excitement to the gameplay experience.


Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Rave Lawod ss 1
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Optional Members: Rave, Shine, and Rise 4

Rav is a dynamic and quick-witted character who brings life to the streets of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. She is a symbol of the game’s vibrant culture and is known for her flashy neon outfit and pulsating rhythm.

To add Rave to your team, you must complete a series of parkour challenges across various environments, ranging from the graffiti-covered subway stations of Verdum Hills to the bustling bazaars. These challenges test not only physical strength but also strategic thinking, making Rave an invaluable asset to anyone who values agility combined with clever gameplay.


Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Shine Lawod ss
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Optional Members: Rave, Shine, and Rise 5

In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, there are two characters that you can recruit: Rave and Shine. While Rave is known for her electric vibrancy, Shine is the symbol of grace and fluidity, offering a contrasting gameplay experience. 

Her challenges are set in the urban oasis of Millennium Mall, where you must navigate through crowded spaces and tight corners with finesse and precision. Completing Shine’s challenge requires a blend of speed, precision, and an understanding of urban landscapes.

Once you successfully complete the Brink Terminal area and Rave’s challenge, they can unlock Shine as a recruitable character. With her unique skill set, Shine enhances the team’s ability to maneuver through the game’s urban jungle with unparalleled grace​​.


Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Rise Lawod ss
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Optional Members: Rave, Shine, and Rise 6

Rise is a character in a game that combines mystery and strategy, and offers challenges that test your mental agility and physical prowess. The game is located at Pyramid Island, where Rise’s tasks require not only parkour skills, but also puzzle-solving and strategic planning abilities.

Rise’s challenges are designed to encourage you to explore the game’s environment from different perspectives, such as scaling heights or discovering hidden paths. Her addition to the game provides a balance between physical agility and strategic thinking, making her an invaluable ally for missions that require a thoughtful approach.

Overall, Rave, Shine, and Rise are more than just characters in the game; they represent the elaborate and dynamic world of the game. Each character comes with a unique set of skills that challenge and enhance your abilities.

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