Brotato Characters and Tier List

Brotato, developed by the skilled team at Erabit Studios, is an exceptional top-down arena shooter roguelike. This phenomenal game places you in the shoes of a brave potato fighting against a horde of aliens with up to six weapons. With its vast array of weapon and armor upgrades, Brotato provides an exhilarating and diverse gameplay experience. Picking the finest potato character is vital to maximizing your chances of success, as it can significantly impact your progress throughout the game.

Before you check out the best Brotato characters, it should also be mentioned that the game got a new update that adds new characters. With the latest update, four new characters were added to the game’s roaster: the CyborgGluttonJack, and the LichThe Lich, an undead vampire spud, can sustain itself thanks to health regen and life steal. The Cyborg is a minigun-toting spud who can reload his weapon by shooting the ground, while the Glutton likes to eat — so he does more damage on each hit. 

brotato characters and tier list Lawod ss
Brotato Characters and Tier List 3

Brotato Best Characters

Here are the best Brotato characters we have chosen for you:


The Generalist is a great choice for new players as it offers a good balance of both melee and ranged damage types and doesn’t require you to focus on one type of weapon. It also has decent dodge and armor stats that will help you overcome enemy waves. 

His perks provide +2 melee damage for every 1 ranged damage, and his level-up rewards are doubled when he equips a ranged weapon. However, his limited weapon selection and low attack speed limit him a bit.


The Gladiator is the best character for players who love relentlessly beating bad guys at close range. It is a powerful character with decent damage potency, good luck stats, and high dodge and armor. Its only downside is its low HP regeneration, but it can be mitigated by using a life-stealing strategy.


The Doctor variant is one of the most powerful in the game due to its boosts to HP regeneration and ranged attack modifications. However, his health is depleted more quickly than other characters, and he has a -100% attack speed modification when not using medical-type weapons. Purchasing tier-4 items like the Spider gives him a massive damage boost when he kills enemies or structures.

The Doctor is also an unlockable character that players can access by healing 200 HP during a run, he has a deficiency in attack speed but can compensate for it by equipping medical weapons that give him a boost to his max health and attack damage. Each of these different characters offers a unique take on the game’s combat and helps to add variety to rounds that can last up to 30 minutes.


The Streamer is the perfect character for gamers who want to play Brotato on the move. This character gives players a 40% boost to damage and attack speed when running around, making it easy for them to clear the game’s many waves of aliens. However, the Streamer also loses 1% of damage and speed for every 15 and 30 materials they possess. Therefore, it’s important to stock up on turrets with this character.


The Ranger is a powerful character in Brotato, able to clear even the highest difficulty levels. With a ranged weapon and a crit damage boost, the Ranger is a great choice for players who want to do high damage. This potato hero also has a unique perks system, including a semi-vampiric life steal stat that can help him recover from enemies.

The Arms Dealer

The Arms Dealer is another great option for players who need to quickly upgrade their arsenal in the SS tier. He starts with a Dangerous Bunny, which allows him to reroll shop items once for free and is capable of dealing a fair amount of damage to enemies and can increase the number of enemies killed with a single shot. It can even deal more than 300 damage to a single enemy, which is the second-highest damage that can be dealt in the SS tier.


The Pacifist is a more defensive option that can also be useful for beginners. It offers +10 harvesting and gains 1 material for each living enemy at the end of a wave. This can help players level up faster and gain access to tier 4 items like Spider, which increases the damage of all weapons by 12%. 

However, the Pacifist doesn’t have good melee damage and only starts with 1 item that improves their materials collection and survivability. 


The Ghost is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to avoid taking a hit. It is a surprisingly effective character that can take a lot of damage and still stay alive. Its perks give it a massive boost to dodge, as well as a head start of +5 HP regeneration at the beginning of each run. It can also purchase medical-type weapons, which can slash its deficiency in armor and attack speed by up to 200%.


Another good character to play in Brotato is the Soldier, which prioritizes damage, attack speed, and pickup range. He can be hard to get used to at first because he requires you to stand still and shoot, but he is a great choice for players who want to focus on attacking enemies from close range. Additionally, he has an excellent chance of landing a critical hit, and he can also use a shield to block enemy attacks.


If you prefer melee combat over ranged, then you can choose the Masochist character. This potato can’t pick up ranged weapons, but it’s one of the best characters for dealing damage in the game. It also offers a unique tier 2 weapon that boosts melee damage and armor.

While he starts with low damage potency, he makes up for it by getting a 5% damage boost each time he takes damage. He also starts the run with +20 HP regeneration and armor boosts.


Demon is a great choice for players who want to deal the most damage in the game. However, it can be frustrating to use as a gimmicky character that relies on specific builds. In addition, it loses a percentage of HP each turn if it doesn’t purchase any items.


Jack is one of the best characters to use for fighting elite enemies and bosses, and he can unlock the Giant Belt, a tier 4 item that adds a bonus of 10% damage based on the enemy’s health. It’s not a good choice for beginners, however, as it has the highest cooldown of all the characters in the game. It’s unlocked by defeating a boss or an elite enemy in under 15 seconds.

The Jack is an excellent choice for players looking to maximize loot in the SS tier. He has a unique trait that increases the amount of materials dropped by enemies by 200%, making it much easier to upgrade weapons and equipment. Additionally, he offers an excellent damage boost against bosses and elites.

If you’re struggling to get enough power to unlock the more powerful weapons in the SS tier, the Jack can help you out with that as well. This character’s perks include a massive 75% damage boost against bosses and elites, and he can also deal 50% more damage to regular enemy types. Moreover, he can increase his attack range by 10% and can equip two double-barrel shotguns.

Brotato Characters Lawod ss
Brotato Characters and Tier List 4

Brotato All Characters Tier List

The best heroes in the game can be found in the SS tier, and they are excellent in practically all circumstances. These characters are among the best fighters in Brotato, thanks to their excellent balance of speed, strength, and defense. Here is the all Brotato characters tier list:

SS TierGeneralist – Unlocks Big Arms
Jack – Unlocks Giant Belt
Gladiator – Unlocks Spider
Pacifist – Unlocks Panda
S TierLucky – Unlocks Lucky Charm
Ranger – Unlocks Night Googles
Soldier – Unlocks Launcher
Hunter – Unlocks Spider Gun
Farmer – Unlocks Wheat
Doctor – Unlocks Medikit
Cyborg – Unlocks Improved Tools
Bull – Unlocks Gnome
A TierEntrepreneur – Unlocks Bowler Hat
Streamer – Unlocks Community Support
Multitasker – Unlocks Chopper
Speedy – Unlocks Fin
One-Armed – Unlocks Focus
Artificer – Unlocks Explosive Shells
Engineer – Unlocks Robot Arm
B TierGhost – Unlocks Ritual
Crazy – Unlocks Hunting Trophy
Saver – Unlocks Padding
Lich – Unlocks Tentacle
Masochist – Unlocks Spiky Shield
Sick – Unlocks Whetstone
Arms Dealer – Unlocks Anvil
C TierWildling – Unlocks Hatchet
Explorer – Unlocks Compass
Demon – Unlocks Obliterator
Glutton – Unlocks Spicy Sauce
Knight – Unlocks Plasma Sledgehammer
Mutant – Unlocks Octopus
D TierMage – Unlocks Thunder Sword
Chunky – Unlocks Potato Thrower
Well Rounded – Unlocks Potato
Brawler – Unlocks Power Fist
Old – Unlocks Snail

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