Brotato Mods – Top 5 Mods You Should Try

Brotato is an amazing game that is a lot of fun to play. The game itself is very fun, but if you're looking for even more fun, you can install Brotato mods to give you new content and gameplay features.

Brotato has many different mods you can enjoy, ranging from new gameplay mechanics to improved graphics and sound effects. But before you start adding Brotato mods, you should back up your save file. You can do this by searching for “%appdata%Brotato” on your computer and saving a copy of the folder to your desktop. If you run into any issues while using the mods, you can always go back to your original save file in this way.

Modders are very responsive to feedback and love hearing from the community about how they can improve their mods. However, keep in mind that the developers may not be able to implement all of your suggestions, as they must balance the mods’ needs with the available resources. 

So, you can check Brotato Mods regularly to see what new changes have been made since these mods are constantly evolving.

Moreover, the mods are not official, so they should be used at your own risk. They are not supported by the game’s developer, so they can break the game in some cases. In addition, they can cause issues with other mods.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best Brotato mods that are very simple and just add a little bit of extra fun. Other mods are more substantial and change the game in significant ways.

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Players in Brotato have multiple options to defeat their alien enemies, ranging from conventional firearms like rocket launchers to primitive weapons like sticks and jagged rocks that resemble those in Far Cry: Primal

Additionally, players with magical abilities can use elemental damage, and those with advanced magical skills can take advantage of the Elemento mod, which introduces new fantasy characters like the Darkness LordVagabond Swordsman, and Ice Lady

New weapons, such as the Druid Staff and Ice Spear, are also available, with the latter having the ability to freeze enemies. With Elemento, players can harness their inner Gandalf the Grey and ensure no aliens can pass.

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Genetically Modified Overkill

Fans of farming games know that modern agriculture involves blending different strains to create the best crops. With the Genetically Modified Overkill mod, players can combine potato heroes to breed the ultimate variety. 

Whether you want to mix the Bruiser with the Mutant, who levels up twice as fast, or the Ranger with the Crazy to create a sharpshooter, there’s lots of room for experimentation. However, crossbreeding potatoes can also result in debuffs, so players must choose their combinations carefully for the best outcome.

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Each Brotato run often starts with the player selecting a weapon from a small variety, such as the standard SMG, magic wand, or even a prickly Cacti Club for melee-focused builds. This starting weapon can be changed, recycled for resources, or upgraded during the course of a player’s run to equip the ultimate carbohydrate fighting machine.

Players who want to try out the game’s various weapons right from the start of their encounter with aliens can use the AnyWeapon mod. Although this technique can make it easy to overwhelm the basic enemies in Brotato‘s early waves (as they can’t resist a Nuclear Launcher at max level), it also makes it simple for players to explore the game’s collection of weapons.

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In Brotato, avoiding adversaries and incoming attacks is crucial to staying alive, but a significant portion of the game’s strategy occurs between waves. During this time, players can use materials acquired in the arena to purchase new weapons and items. However, the choices available are restricted, and players who desire a particular weapon must take a gamble by using some of their valuable currency to reroll their options. 

The FreeRerolls mod eliminates the need for materials when rerolling. While this modification somewhat takes away from the random nature of the roguelike gameplay, it is especially beneficial for experimenting with specific builds and for relieving the stress of newcomers to the genre.

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Display Enemies Health Mod

In the game Brotato, each wave of aliens lasts for a duration ranging from 20 to 90 seconds. It is crucial to keep track of the constantly spawning enemies to avoid being overrun. However, the absence of health bars on enemies makes it challenging to gauge the effectiveness of weapons in thinning out enemy numbers. 

Fortunately, with the Display Enemies’ Health mod, players can see a health bar graphic and a numerical value indicating an enemy’s current condition. This feature helps players concentrate their firepower and maintain control over the alien threat. 

The Display Enemies Health mod also provides an easy-to-read display of enemy health, making it easier to determine whether you are prevailing against the alien hordes or succumbing to their strength.

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