Cassette Beasts Mailbox Codes

Cassette Beasts is a strange and wonderful take on the Isekai genre (a subgenre of fantasy) that sees you stranded on the island of New Wirral. The monster-collecting RPG is brimming with charm, interesting systems, and features that have seen the game get a lot of love from gamers all over. 

One of these great features in Cassette Beasts is to input codes into town mailboxes and receive rare rewards. You can record a rare and cool new monster by entering a code into a mailbox in Harbourtown. It’s a fantastic way to keep players interested without overstressing limited-time events, and it’s definitely worth regularly documenting.

Cassette Beasts Mailbox Codes Lawod ss
Cassette Beasts Mailbox Codes 2

Active Cassette Beasts Mailbox Codes

There are no active Cassette Beasts mailbox codes right now.

Expired Cassette Beasts Mailbox Codes

Followings are the expired Cassette Beast Mailbox Codes:

VALENTINESDandylionGlitter Bootleg 
LAUNCHDAYTraffikrabMetal Bootleg

How To Use Cassette Beasts Mailbox Codes?

Finding a mailbox is the first step in using a Cassette Beasts letter box code, and Harbourtown’s Gramophone Cafe has one. Open-world RPG players should simply interact with a letter box they’ve found, choose “yes” when prompted, and then type the active phrase. As a result of these actions, a notification that there is a package in the box and that package contains the associated reward will eventually appear.

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