Chain Runners: Liquid – New Cyberpunk Biker Gang Gaming with a Twist

We’ve seen many innovations and pivots in the NFT industry, and without a doubt, the most up-and-coming CC0 project, that has taken the net by storm, is Chain Runners. This great community is highly inviting and is really trying to do things that will increase the reputation of NFT projects and shift the overall sentiment of what the space can bring in many creative entry points.

In addition to this, the team tries to engage in as many derivative projects as possible, to show that NFT is not just a digital asset that you can use to make a profit, but build an entire ecosystem of creativity around. Many communities and projects can be built around this main NFT project, and “Chain Runners: Liquid” is one good example of this. The game is a secondary indie video game CC0 derivative project based around the “Liquid Runners” collective, an offspring art project intended to remix the core characters of the mainline runnerverse with newly crafted and Liquified digital souls built from the lore the entire community is crafting.

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Of course, when talking about indie games recently, we often encounter VoxPop Games. It is one of the great new indie game platforms on the internet. They have plenty of exciting indie games on their client, like Arcanium: Rise of Akhan, Ninja Noboken, and Weaponeer.

Chain Runners: Liquid is another great gaming adventure poised to drop on the VoxPop Games platform. It is being developed by Gabriel Lopez, also known as Yuplis. We all know the developer from games YREK: Lost in Portals and Ninja Noboken.

“Liquid Runners” the game is going to be a new take on traditional cyberpunk aesthetic series tropes, and it seems like it is going to be quite fun to play this amazing indie game, when it is ready.

Chain Runners: Liquid is being developed primarily for fun, and its aim is to attract attention to the entire Chain Runners NFT community and bridge the gap as a CC0 adjacent indie gaming project, finding a nice balance between Web2 & Web3 user environments.

From the VoxPop Wishlist page:

Chain Runners: Liquid is a High-Octane, Thrill Ride, pushing to the limits the very fabric of the MEGA CITY Runner Renegade Underground.

Somnus has issued the order…

Terminate all Runners.

It is your job to protect, secure & FIGHT across the Mainframe.

It seems that this project will also be a great chance to have fun for the entire indie games community. Competing against each other in a game that is developed for the same purpose would definitely be fun.


According to the over-branching story of the community that blends into the overall game world, which is the only currently revealed part of it, “decentralization causes an advanced Chain nation to be divided into sovereign states. This independence was shortly turned into chaos, and the order fell.


Although the cities are not present anymore, humans keep living their lives. However, one notable product of the Chain was artificial intelligence. This AI is known as Somnus, and it created a utopian land in order to save mankind. 

This technological hub offers numerous opportunities to those who hold power in their hands. Just like we always do, some people take advantage of this power, and Mega-City needs a new order.”

In this regard, you are going to be the savior of mankind by disturbing the current order in the city. Of course, you are going to make plenty of enemies who will prevent you from reaching your goals.

You will encounter, cyberpunk Road Rash-styled battles, future drug dealing sections with the Mega-City underworld that plays akin to GTA: Chinatown Wars, and overarching lore, that bleeds into both the Mega-City known and unknown to new indie gamers.


Some more good news about “Chain Runners: Liquid” is that it doesn’t require any advanced hardware. The game will be supported ONLY by Windows, and players will need at least Windows 7 or higher to enjoy it. In addition to this, you need 4 GB of RAM and at least one NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 graphic card to enjoy this amazing adventure.

If you found the story charming, what are you waiting for? Head over to VoxPop Games, sign up for the platform if you don’t have an account, and add the game to your wish list. You can thank us later if you’ve discovered this great game by reading this article.  Share & Support!

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