VoxPop Games – A New P2P Game Distribution & Development Platform

We all know that major gaming companies dominate the market with their productions. However, the quality of these games is decreasing every passing day. The number of great series that fail to meet the expectations of players is increasing every year. Thus, players started to lose interest in these games.

Instead, most players prefer to play games developed by indie game developers. Besides these developers offering more appealing games, they don’t charge players expensive prices. Since the number of players preferring indie games is increasing, a gap has emerged on the market.

Thus, the need for peer-to-peer game distribution and development platforms emerged. Today, we are going to discuss one of the platforms that meet this need, named VoxPop Games.

What Is VoxPop Games?

Today, one of the biggest challenges that indie game developers face is creating or joining a good network. In this regard, VoxPop Games offers an amazing solution to these people and those who want to learn more about development. If you would like to meet with strangers who can contribute to your project or you can contribute to their projects, this is your platform.

The platform is full of people who have a passion for indie video games. You can meet plenty of new people and work on the same project with the profit-sharing guarantee of VoxPop Games. Although the platform has been around for a few years, it has already grown its community.

We believe that we are going to see more successful games and productions that come true with the help and services of VoxPop in the near future.

If you are into indie video games more than popular video games, what are you waiting for, just visit the VoxPop Games official website, sign up, and download VoxPop right now. 

Who Can Benefit from VoxPop Games?

VoxPop Games don’t have any limitations or special requirements. Anyone interested in video game development can join the community and start networking. This is also true for people who would like to start learning video game development.

Besides developers, the platform is also open for Streamers and influencers. In this way, developers can share a predetermined portion of the revenue with them. This is a win-win case for both parties, which will contribute to the development of the gaming industry.

What Are the Advantages of VoxPop Games?

Of course, a platform must offer prominent features and advantages to its community to grow this much. In this regard, VoxPop Games offer plenty of amazing benefits to the users. Thus, we wanted to compile all these in this section for you. Without a doubt, learning more about them will help you to have a better insight into the platform.

Built-in Profit Sharing

One of the best benefits of VoxPop Games is it allows everyone to make money with contributions. Whether you invite your friends or stream games on your channel, you can enjoy a percentage of every sale you help to make!

In addition to this, your percentage profit is guaranteed by the platform.

Boosting Streamers

Successful streamers make more money from the games than donations. However, you do not have to wait to have millions of subscribers to enjoy the same benefits. VoxPop Games are ideal for small or medium-scale streamers who like to play games in their free time.

You can team up with the developers and play certain games to enjoy a percentage profit through the sales of these games. Thus, you can start making more money than donations in a shorter time with a limited audience.

Exclusive Support for Indie Developers

Marketing costs can be a huge burden for indie developers to reach a wider audience. In this regard, VoxPop Games can be quite beneficial. You can team up with the streamers and let your games reach a wider audience without spending any money.

All you need to do is share a small portion of your sales with the streamers you work with.

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  1. The Phenomenal team over lawod has provided a truly epic and super in-depth breakdown of what VoxPop Games is doing to transcend the indie games space & allow the collaboration between streaming & game developers to interact more effectively.

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