Circadian Dice – Review of A Dice-Building Game

Circadian Dice is a deck-building indie game where you build a set of dice instead of upgrading a deck of cards. I think Circadian Dice is one of the best single-player dice-building games you can get for free. Let’s see if it will be the same for you.

Circadian Dice in a Nutshell

Circadian Dice is a single-player deck-building game developed by the indie game developer, Shuffle Up and initially published in May 2020 on itch.IO.

If you’re not familiar with deck-building games, let’s briefly explain it to you. A deck-building game usually includes a deck of cards, and you actively build the deck you use while playing the game rather than building them beforehand. However, In the Circadian Dice, you will not build a deck of cards, but you will build a dice strategically.


Circadian Dice Gameplay

Although you start the game with a single character, there are six characters that are unlocked as you progress through the game. Depending on the character you choose in the game, you have two dice with six different faces. When you level up with your character, you can earn more dice.

You can roll the dice a maximum of two times in a round, and this allows you to use the combination on the surface of the dice or not in that round.

You can use the Coins you earn to build the surfaces of your dice. You strategically build your dice in a way that will benefit you the most.

The difficulty levels of the game are well adjusted. In Normal and Hard Mode, there are 11 scenarios to choose from. Each scenario is dramatically altered in Hard Mode, with new opponents, secrets, and challenges! Understand the game in Easy mode, and don’t leave the game without trying Chaos Trial Mode. If the game is so confusing for you, don’t worry, it has a quite good tutorial that is engaging, super clear, and new mechanics and dice faces are introduced slowly.


Circadian Dice Download

Circadian Dice developed by ShuffleUp and initially released on itch.IO in May 2020. Although it has been published one year, the developer keeps updating the game frequently.

You can now download Circadian Dice on itch.IO for free. You can also get more information about the game on itch.IO. Note that it is only available for Windows PC, and we don’t know yet if it will be to the other platforms. Before you download the game, don’t forget to support the developer to see updates or new games from him.

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