Citizen Sleeper Save Location

Citizen Sleeper is a sci-fi adventure game set in a futuristic world and has been a hit in the gaming world for some time. However, the game has a common issue: players complain that they cannot find Citizen Sleeper's save location.

Many common mistakes are easily made by newcomers to Citizen Sleeper. These errors are mostly related to the gameplay mechanics of the game. In Citizen Sleeper, wrong builds, unnecessary tactics, a lack of exploration of the world, and lousy skill choices based on character strengths are common gameplay problems. 

However, players also encounter some issues that are not related to the gameplay. Citizen Sleeper Save Location seems a little bit hard to find. Players with different operating systems have trouble finding the game’s default save folder on their devices.

Where is Citizen Sleeper Save Location?

It is pretty normal that players are troubled with finding the right spot to find their Citizen Sleeper save files. The gaming industry does not work with games’ retail installments only. There are many ways (stores) to get a Citizen Sleeper, and different operating systems use different target locations for data installs.

There are four different target locations to save your Citizen Sleeper game data. Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Store, macOS, and Steam use different locations for Citizen Sleeper save data files. We prepared a table showing you all four Citizen Sleeper save locations.

OS and StoreSave Game Location
Windows%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Jump Over the Age\Citizen Sleeper
Microsoft Store%LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\SurpriseAttackPtyLtd.CitizenSleeper_8k24hnfn3vvj0\SystemAppData\wgs
macOS (OS X)$HOME/Library/Application Support/Jump Over the Age/Citizen Sleeper

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