Company of Heroes 3 Dev Diary Art Released

If you follow gaming news, then you might already know about Company of Heroes 3. This is one of the most outstanding games that the majority of the gaming community is talking about. In fact, the game deserves this reputation.

Company of Heroes 3 is a real-time strategy game that offers a wide range of strategic choices, great battles, and much more! It is being developed by Relic Entertainment, and SEGA will be the publisher of the game. Recently, the developers released the dev diary art, which managed to attract plenty of attention.

This release lets gamers think that the official release date will be announced soon. For now, the game is planned to be released somewhere in the summer of 2022. The developers released a new dev diary video for the game, which includes the authentic art of Company of Heroes 3.

In the video, viewers can enjoy the amazing and realistic graphics of the game as well as the insight of the developers about the art direction of Company of Heroes 3. The story and concept of the game are based on real-world history. Thus, the developers studied their lessons well, consulted experts, watched World War II documentaries, and researched for references on the internet.

All these efforts were made to offer a more accurate Mediterranean theater of war to gamers. Although the team had already spent lots of time researching the previous games in the series, they paid a lot more to create a much more modern and realistic game in the Company of Heroes 3.

The developers also worked on a system they called “paper doll.” Thanks to this system, they offer a wider range of customization options to players. This means that they will be able to customize their characters and even tanks with more freedom.

Company of Heroes 3

Another improvement in Company of Heroes 3 will be in the wear and tear mechanics. Now, these mechanics will be implemented dynamically so that the game will offer a more realistic feeling to players. Now, dirt may accumulate on tanks or tanks may get damaged depending on the type of vehicle they are going to hit.

Moreover, you can also enjoy improved and more advanced animations in the dev diary art video released. If you would like to learn more about the graphics, art, and overall concept of Company of Heroes 3, we highly recommend you check out the video as soon as possible. We bet you are going to love it a lot!

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