Construction Simulator – Be In the Charge of the Construction

Construction Simulator will take you to different construction sites and let you enjoy a real adventure! Here is a quick review of this fantastic simulation.

The number of simulations and their diversity are increasing every passing month. Today, we are in front of you with one of the best and perhaps the most comprehensive construction simulation games, Construction Simulator!

Construction Simulator was developed by Weltenbauer and Software Entwicklung GmbH. It was published by Astragon Entertainment on September 20, 2022. The game is one of the most comprehensive construction games because you can literally be in control of more than 70 machines!

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Construction Simulator - Be In the Charge of the Construction 3

Construction Simulator Offers A Lot Of Great Features

In other words, everything will be up to you or your friends, depending on which game mode you are going to play. Yes, you can enjoy Construction Simulator as a single-player game or play together with your friends in its online co-op mode.

The Construction Simulator offers two huge maps to players. One of these maps is from the United States, and the other one is from Germany. You are free to build whatever you want on these maps. Both maps have their own campaigns full of challenges for players.

The game also offers more than 90 contracts you can undertake on your own or together with your friends. You will definitely have a great time trying to do the jobs on your contact list and finish them before their due dates.

One of the attractive parts of the Construction Simulator is that it has 25 officially licensed partners. The game added 9 new licensed partners in this new game, the sequel.

Besides amazing building opportunities, the game also includes many customization options. You can customize the outfit of your character and even drive sports cars. Of course, your main goal is to complete your contracts on time, but you will do all these things to start your construction empire.

In short, this game will let you experience a real-life construction adventure where you should pay attention to numerous things. Of course, safety comes first, but you also need to complete your tasks on time to get paid.

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Construction Simulator - Be In the Charge of the Construction 4

Construction Simulator Available For PCs and Consoles

If you want to build your own construction empire, you should definitely play Construction Simulator. You will start small by following the campaign, but eventually, you will start building cities from scratch. The game offers a kind of fulfillment while letting you relax. Unlike most other games available on the market, which put a lot of stress on players, we believe Construction Simulator is a game worth trying.

Construction Simulator is now available on Steam for PCs with a price tag of $34,99. If you are a console guy, you can also find the game on both PlayStation Store and Xbox Store for $49,99.

Even though the recommended settings for the game require moderate hardware, you can run the game on any computer with the minimum settings. It is worth noting that Construction Simulator only supports Windows and takes only 10 GB of space on your storage. You should not miss your opportunity to enjoy your time with Construction Simulator.

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