Coral Island Marriage Candidates

Coral Island is one of the most anticipated indie games of 2022. Even though there are many sim games on the market, Coral Island includes new features like romance, which attracts thousands of newcomers.

Coral Island is a new indie sim that features a wide variety of characters for players to date. You are able to choose a man or a woman as a Disney-like playable character and build relationships and friendships with other characters. 

There are 16 playable characters in Coral Island, and players can choose from any of them for their dating profiles. Coral Island marriage candidates are not very hard to choose because you can easily understand which character suits you the most as your Coral Island marriage candidate.

How to Choose Your Marriage Candidate?

There are many characters with different features. You can simply interact with them to see if you get along well with any of them. All the characters have different life stories, such as some characters having kids from previous marriages.

Dateable characters can wear a bathing suit, a festival outfit, and a regular outfit, but non-dateable characters wear the standard outfit and at least one variant outfit for each season. 

You can find a marriage candidate if you keep interacting with the Coral Island characters. You can learn about their personality, appearance, and story. 

Marriage Candidates

Below, you can take a look at all the Coral Island Marriage Candidates and learn more about them.

Coral Island Bachelors

  • Ben
  • Charles
  • Kenny
  • Luke
  • Noah
  • Pablo
  • Rafael
  • Scott
  • Surya
  • Theo
  • Mark
  • Wakuu

Coral Island Bachelorettes

  • Aaliyah
  • Alice
  • Chaem
  • Eva
  • Leah
  • Lily
  • Macy
  • Millie
  • Nina
  • Suki
  • Yuri
  • Zarah

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