Crab Champions Weapons

Crab Champions can be impressively swift; access to a weapons tier list will allow you to choose the optimal weapon for each run.

Crab Champions is an engaging fast-paced shooter with various roguelike elements. Players travel across exotic islands, engage in lightning-fast combat, and collect loot to level up and expand their ammo while collecting loot for level-ups and upgrades while taking advantage of special weapons that give an advantage in battles.

The game has various weapons, such as sniper crabs and shotguns, which allow players to deal damage and fire bullets at enemies. Each has unique abilities; therefore, you must select one that meets your preferred play style.

Becoming the champion crab requires exploring and testing all of Crab Champions‘ greatest weapons to increase your chances of a successful result. By using this weapon tier list to identify the most impressive weapons in the game, you can ensure you have everything needed to defeat opponents and reclaim your title of champ crab.

It is also beneficial to experiment with weapon perks and mods to maximize damage output and add an element of random fun factor; picking up extra sniper rifle accuracy or damage output could be wise moves too!

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How to Unlock Weapons in Crab Champions?

You must first visit the main base/hub island to access new weapons. Interact with the totem bearing the blue, glowing skull.

In order to obtain your new weapon, you must spend four keys. Keys can be obtained by defeating bosses or other elite foes. Once they’re beaten, you can obtain the key(s) from their chest loot.

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Weapons Tier List

As Crab Champions offers an expansive arsenal of weapons to choose from, it may be challenging to determine the ideal options. That is why you need to get help from this list. This weapons list will cover you as a resource to assist in selecting those most appropriate for your current build and in-game goals.

SMinigun, Blade Launcher, Orb Launcher
ACrossbow, Sniper, Auto Shotgun  
BDual Shotguns, Dual Pistols, Auto Rifle
CBurst Pistol, Cluster Launcher  
DRocket Launcher
Crab Champions Weapons Lawod
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Crab Champions Weapons

Cluster LauncherShort-range launcher that fires clusters of explosion projectiles that explode after a period of time.  
Blade LauncherA Launcher that fires sharp, piercing blades  
Mini GunA standard minigun with a high fire rate and low damage on each shot.
Rocket LauncherFires rockets with massive damage. It has a slow fire rate, though.  
Orb LauncherFires orbs at longer ranges.  
CrossbowA crossbow that fires in a wide arc  
SniperA Standard High-damage long-range rifle.  
Burst PistolPowerful burst pistol with no stable accuracy  
Auto ShotgunA shotgun with a fast fire rate  
Dual ShotgunsPowerful short-range shotguns
Dual PistolsDual pistols with some ammo  
Auto RifleFully-automatic rifle  

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