Crusader Kings III Coming Out For Console Platforms

Published for the PC last year, Crusader Kings III is coming out for console platforms. In the Gamescom 2021 event, it was announced that the game will be released for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S with the special control specification for the console platforms.

Developed by Paradox Development Studio, Crusader Kings III is a strategy game that inherits a legacy of deep-rooted strategy experiences and comes with many new options to help you bring your royal household to success. You can watch the announcement trailer of the game below.

The console version of Crusader Kings 3 is being developed in partnership with original developer Paradox Interactive and Lab42. The new version of the game, which will be released for console platforms, will be largely the same as the PC version, with a few differences for consoles only.

According to Paradox Studio‘s statement, the game will have unique features exclusive to console platforms. For example, it will be possible to easily switch between the game and YouTube so that Xbox players can easily access information about the game. Meanwhile, The PlayStation 5 version of the game will support DualSense controls.

Although the release date of the game’s console edition has not been shared, it would be nice to see a strategy game like Crusader Kings on console platforms. To find the latest news about your favorite games, Stay Tuned To Lawod.

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