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The bullet hell roguelike Death Must Die lets players choose their god-like powers to descend into the nether and defeat Death itself. The game features playable characters that are unlocked in different ways: Avoron, Merris, Nixi, Kront, and Skadi.

Death Must Die stands out in the gaming world for its diverse range of characters, each offering a distinct gameplay experience. In this article, we delve into the mechanics, abilities, and styles of seven pivotal characters: Avoron, Merris, Nixi, Kront, and Skadi. Understanding these characters’ unique traits and combat strategies is key to mastering Death Must Die.

Although it’s not the most original or inventive entry in the isometric bullet hell genre, Death Must Die still has its charm. Like other titles in this genre, it offers a surprisingly challenging gauntlet of enemies that can easily overwhelm you if you’re not prepared. But unlike some of its fellow isometric bullet hells, it doesn’t suffer from screen congestion and enemy spam, which allows you to focus on the gameplay itself.

The story follows an unnamed hero who defeats Satan but is killed in the process. A benevolent angel takes pity on him and grants him five more days of life to explore the world he saved and solve the problems that linger there.

These heavenly beings are Avoron the KnightMerris the SorceressNixi the AssassinKront the Barbarian, and Skadi the Warrior. All of these characters are playable in the game, though a player will need to complete a certain number of runs with each character in order to unlock their two additional unlocks: Reaper and Valkyrie.

Death Must Die Gods List:

Mort, Daughter of Death

Mort Death Must Dier Lawod ss
Death Must Die Characters 9

Mort is the main character in Death Must Die. He’s a cat who loves to eat everything, and he’s also a skilled poisoner. In fact, just one bite from Mort can be fatal! Mort is the reason why this game is so enjoyable to play. The Hero teams up with Mort’s father’s helper to defeat Death, who needs to learn a lesson. Mort has special abilities that can put a curse on enemies, making it easier for the Hero to defeat them.

Summer, Goddess of Fire

Summer Death Must Dier Lawod ss
Death Must Die Characters 10

Summer is a powerful character who defeats a dangerous enemy called Satan. But this victory comes at a cost. The game’s Hero is given only five more days to live on Earth, during which he must explore the land and solve its problems. To help him, Summer brings in a group of fun and helpful heavenly beings to assist him in his quest. These beings not only add humor to the game but also help the Hero improve his abilities weapons, and unlock new perks. Summer is a character who loves to create chaos and destruction in the game, and her special power is to inflict burning on enemies. She is also the sister of Winter.

Winter, Goddess of Cold

Winter Death Must Dier Lawod ss
Death Must Die Characters 11

Winter, a mythical figure, is unhappy with Death for taking away the lives of people prematurely. She happens to be Summer’s sister, another mythical character. Winter has some special abilities that allow her to cause enemies to feel chilled and frozen. These are the main boons that she can offer.

Time, God of Time

Time Death Must Dier Lawod ss
Death Must Die Characters 12

Time wants Death to be defeated since it feels like Death has stolen time by ending people’s lives prematurely. Time has given the Hero a special ability to come back to life repeatedly and fight against Death. The Hero can also choose special powers that help them gain experience and level up.

Moirai, Goddesses of Fate

Moirai Death Must Dier Lawod ss
Death Must Die Characters 13

In Greek mythology, the Moirai were considered the goddesses of fate. They were three sisters named Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. The Moirai were responsible for overseeing the different stages of life, including birth and Death. They also judged the souls of the dead in the Underworld. In the game Death Must Die, the Moirai are depicted as a group of three goddesses. Their names are Clo, Lachi, and Aisa, and they are responsible for determining the fate of the game’s Hero. The Moirai have a detached and impersonal personality, and they often speak in terms of possibilities rather than certainties. They claim to have no personal agenda and are simply observing the Hero’s actions. The Moirai offer the Hero various boons that can increase their strength and abilities.

Krom, God of Conquest

Krom Death Must Dier Lawod ss
Death Must Die Characters 14

Krom is known for its battle-crazed personality and its obsession with victory and glory. He sees himself as the ultimate “Deathbringer” and wants to defeat Death itself.

Krom’s selection of boons is focused on knocking back enemies and causing them to suffer from a condition called “Ruptured.” This makes Krom an excellent choice for those who want to dominate their enemies in battle.

Lady Justice, Goddess of Balance

Lady Justice Death Must Dier Lawod ss
Death Must Die Characters 15

Lady Justice is a well-known figure that represents the legal system. You may have seen her on statues and monuments. She is often shown wearing a blindfold and holding scales to show that she makes fair decisions. The idea of Lady Justice being blind means that she doesn’t take sides and is not influenced by personal opinions or bias. She is supposed to be fair to everyone. In a story, Lady Justice wants to punish Death for not doing his job properly. She can give people help in healing and defense.

Leigong, God of Lightning

Leigong Death Must Dier Lawod ss
Death Must Die Characters 16

Leigong is a god of thunder and lightning who punishes mortals for committing secret crimes and evil spirits who use Taoism to harm humans. He is known for his powerful ability to instill fear in wrongdoers and to ensure that justice is served quickly.

In addition to his powers, Leigong is respected for his wisdom and ability to judge people’s characters fairly. Many people pray to him for guidance in difficult moral situations.

Leigong has no known issues with Death, and his main focus is increasing attack speed to help his followers.

Death Must Die Heroes:

Avoron, The Knight

Avoronthe Knight – a powerful warrior who wears heavy armor and wields a mighty sword. He is tough and can take a lot of damage, making him a perfect choice for players who like to get up close and personal in combat. As you progress through the game and upgrade Avoron’s abilities, he becomes even stronger. His special moves, like Deadly Strike and Vengeful Strike, make him even more deadly, and can help you defeat your enemies more easily. Avoron also has Hero signs like The Sign of The Hero and The Sign of The Guardian, which can give him temporary invincibility and increase his attack power. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, Avoron is a great choice if you want to be a powerful melee warrior.

Merris, The Sorceress

Merristhe Sorceress, is the game’s only ranged character. Equipped with light armor and staffs, Merris offers a different tactical approach. She is agile and can mod her ranged attacks with various upgrades. Hero signs such as The Sign of Fire increase her spell damage, and The Sign of The Helper directs her missiles towards enemies, making her a powerful ally in controlling the battlefield from a distance.

Merris is a very slow character, but she has several perks that can help her out. These include infinite pull range and a 30% Dash Cooldown reduction. She is also able to resurrect her allies, which can be a huge help when facing bosses. Despite her slow pace, she is still very effective at killing enemies. However, she is not the best choice for players who prefer min-maxing builds.

Nixi, The Assassin

Nixithe Assassin, excels in agility and high damage output. His light armor and daggers make him a swift melee attacker. Nixi’s hero signs, like The Sign of The Viper, enhance his attack speed, while The Sign of The Thread boosts his damage output on critically low-health enemies. This makes Nixi perfect for players who prefer a fast-paced, hit-and-run playstyle.

Kront, The Barbarian

Kront, the Barbarian, is a tanky character akin to Avoron but specializes in AoE (Area of Effect) damage with his axe. His heavy armor grants him high durability. Hero signs such as The Sign of The Tornado expand his attack area, making him ideal for dealing with groups of enemies.

Skadi, The Warrior

Skadithe Warrior, strikes a balance between offense and mobility. Wielding a Greatsword and clad in medium armor, he offers a versatile playstyle. His hero signs, like The Sign of the Wyvern, enhance his movement speed, while The Sign of the Cosmos applies random statuses with attacks. Skadi is a great choice for players who want an all-rounder character.

In Death Must Die, you can choose from a bunch of different characters who all have special abilities and fighting styles. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, so you can pick the one that suits your way of playing the best. Whether you like to fight up close or from a distance, there’s a character for you. As you play and unlock even more characters, the game gets even more exciting and challenging. So, jump into the world of Death Must Die and find the character that’s perfect for you!

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