Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Will Make You a Paleontologist

Are you ready to be a real paleontologist and discover popular and new dinosaur species? If so, then Dinosaur Fossil Hunter may be the right choice for you. This one-of-a-kind game offers you a great simulation where you are going to visit different environments and dig to find dinosaur fossils.

PlayWay, a Poland-based publisher, offers a great adventure for players to build their own museum. The realistic mechanics of the game make the game a great paleontologist simulation. In addition to this, you will carry out studies to explore dinosaur evolution.

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Storyline

Some of the members of the team behind Dinosaur Fossil Hunter worked on the Fossil Hunter game before. The game allows gamers to explore their favorite dinosaurs from their childhood in a realistic way. You are going to be a paleontologist and visit different areas to search for dinosaur fossils.

Besides being a simulator, Dinosaur Fossil Hunter also offers a decent story to players. You will strive for success in the game and overcome all the challenges you are going to face. Dinosaur Fossil Hunter has plenty of setbacks and hardships you need to cope with during your gameplay.

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Features

Considering that Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is a simulation game, the main goal of the developers is to let gamers enjoy a realistic paleontologist experience. Players will start the game on a site where they can discover a few fossils.

Discovering a fossil may sound like quite an easy task, but you will have to dig, perform the jacketing procedure, safely transfer the fossils you are going to find to your lab, engage in multi-stage cleaning practices, bring the bones together to construct the skeleton, and exhibit your work in your museum.

Just these mechanics will take plenty of your time and offer you an amazing experience, which we believe history lovers will like a lot! However, what Dinosaur Fossil Hunter offers to players is not limited to these.

You can drive your own car and explore the site on your own. Where you need to dig to find fossils depends on you, and you need to trust your instincts. Although excavation is an important mechanic, you also need to safely transfer your findings to your lab.

Players have to work on cleaning each bone one by one and completing the skeletons of these mighty creatures. Bringing the bones together to construct the skeleton will not be enough. Keep in mind that you will also run a museum. Thus, you need to design your museum and displays in an attractive manner to appeal to your visitors.

The day and night cycle in Dinosaur Fossil Hunter offers a more realistic experience to players as well. Besides vehicles, you will also take advantage of various equipment to discover fossils or areas with possible fossils.

The only downside to Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is that all the landscapes are based in the United States regions. However, if you do not mind this, you can find lots of dinosaur species to explore and construct to exhibit in your museum.

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