DNF Duel Characters

If you want to be invincible in DNF Duel, then it is important to know each character and develop a strategy accordingly. Thus, we wanted to compile all of the available characters in DNF Duel for our readers! Here are the 16 DNF Duel characters and some brief information about them:

Swift Master

Swift Master is the master of combos and wind. He is the only character that can perform all his special moves while airborne.

DNF Duel Characters Crusader Lawod
DNF Duel Characters 4


Crusader has been one of the most powerful characters starting from the beta launch of the game. He uses his great hammer and bolts of light to beat his opponents.


Launcher uses different weapons to keep her opponents at a distance. She uses a wide range of weapons, ranging from rocket launchers to railguns.


Thanks to this sawed-off double-barrel shotgun and great sword, Troubleshooter is one of the deadliest characters in the game. He can also use grenades and explosive rope.


Berserker has a special state called Frenzied. This state provides him with new attack strings and actions to perform with boosted damage.


Ghostblade was added to the game in the last beta launch and is still one of the most powerful ones. However, you need to practice a lot to use him effectively.

DNF Duel Characters Inquisitor Lawod
DNF Duel Characters 5


This female priest can easily condemn her enemies with her summons. She is one of the deadliest characters with massive damage output in the game.


If you are looking for a character that can be pretty effective while keeping a distance, then Vanguard might be the best character you can play with. He is swift, quick, and deadly.


When you really want to keep your distance, the Ranger can also be a perfect character to play with. You can always launch projectiles at your enemies and never leave them in peace.


Enchantress has puppeteering abilities, which makes her quite deadly, even from a distance. She is quite hard to master but is also one of the most annoying characters to fight against.

DNF Duel Characters Drago Knight Lawod
DNF Duel Characters 6

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight has the advantage of playing with her dragon companion. She and Astra can apply pressure on their enemies while dealing with their swift yet effective actions.


Hitman may be an ideal character for those who are looking for close-range action. He uses an SMG and a katana-like blade to deal massive damage to his enemies.


Kunoichi is one of the notable characters in the game, and she is a true ninja. However, unlike conventional ninjas, Kunoichi summons fire tornados, fireballs, or flaming toads to beat her enemies.

Lost Warrior

You cannot play the Lost Warrior as soon as you start the game. First, you need to unlock him, and this makes him quite unique. He can freeze his opponents while dealing massive damage with his fists.


Striker is a combo-rich fighter that can deal a massive amount of damage to her enemies in a very short time. She needs to stay close to her enemies all the time.


Grappler is one of the most powerful characters in the game. He can keep dealing with damage while dodging the attacks of his opponents.

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