Dungeon Alchemist – Make Your Own Fantasy Game Map

Dungeon Alchemist is AI-powered fantasy mapmaking software that enables you to make awesome-looking maps and is going to be released on December 24th on Steam, after its Kickstarter campaign.

Dungeon Alchemist Trailer

Dungeon Alchemist Kickstarter

Dungeon Alchemist is an indie software application for Windows, Mac (including ARM), and Linux that will be distributed through the Steam platform. In other words, Dungeon Alchemist is an artificial intelligence-supported map creation tool that both fantasy game lovers and fantasy game developers can love.

Using this tool is quite simple. First, you choose a theme and start drawing. As a result of your drawings, Dungeon Alchemist creates high-quality maps for you to print or share.

The developers, who started the Kickstarter campaign on February 9th, 2021, have managed to collect approximately 2.5 million Euros from over 57 thousand backers until the day of this writing.

Dungeon Alchemist Release Date

Dungeon Alchemist’s developers plan to release the software on Steam on December 24th. Many updates are being released in the period until the software is officially released on Steam. Therefore, it may be possible to postpone this date to a later date. You can add Dungeon Alchemist to your wish list and follow it more closely.

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