Dying Light 2 Beginner’s Guide

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is one of the best zombie games so far, and it offers a great adventure. If you are new to the series and are looking for tips to enhance your fun in the new entry of the series, named Dying Light 2, here is a Lawod’s Dying Light 2 beginner guide for you. We have compiled everything you may want to know before starting to play Dying Light 2. 

So, let’s not waste more time and check these tips one by one. We highly recommend following these steps to boost your gaming experience. 

Dropkick Skill Is Overpowered 

Your character jumps into the air and kicks the zombies with the dropkick skill. This is an important and well-known skill that is quite practical. Although you can unlock it around mid-game, we highly recommend trying to unlock it as soon as possible. 

Stamina Matters More than Health 

Most players focus on health rather than stamina, but they end up with weak runs. As a result, they challenge themselves more than usual. However, you should focus more on stamina. As you progress, you will have a chance to focus on health, too, but at the beginning, we recommend focusing on stamina. 

Paraglider Helps You Travel Faster 

At the beginning of the game, you will learn how to use a paraglider. This is a quite handy tool to travel distances quickly. However, most players confuse it with a parachute. You will not receive any damage unless you glide with a paraglider. If you try to use it as a parachute and hit a wall to fall, you may even die. 

You Can Repair Your Weapons Multiple Times 

One of the biggest challenges of Dying Light 2 is the disposable weapons. They can easily break down, and you need to change your weapons constantly. However, you can repair your weapons multiple times before you really have to get rid of them. Thus, you may want to keep your best weapons and look for repair kits. 


Great Mods Are Very Important 

You should stop focusing on buying shiny weapons from vendors. Instead, you should start investing in gear mods. In this way, you can enjoy additional mechanics, which will help you to beat your encounters quickly. In addition to this, these modes are permanent, and you can use them in any weapon unless the weapon has the related slot to unlock. 

Take Advantage of Usable Items As Much As You Can 

Most players forget about their usable items once they unlock the grappling hook and UV flashlight. However, this can limit their gaming experience. You can find plenty of usable items, such as grenades, decoys, throwing knives, and Molotov cocktails. They can all help you end your encounters as quickly as possible, even if you encounter a group of zombies. 

Play In The Dark to Level Up Faster 

If you want to level up faster, you need to play in the dark. Dying Light 2 has a day and night cycle in which everything you do at night provides you with more experience points. However, it is worth noting that everything is a bit more challenging at night, and there are more zombies. 

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