Espresso Tycoon Preview

Hmmm… Do you smell that? Nothing is like a morning coffee at your favorite café, right? But have you ever wondered how the coffee you like got into your hands? How do they mix coffee with water, and how do they make it so delicious? Serving a beautiful morning coffee takes time and effort. Espresso Tycoon is here to give you a chance to create the best coffee and build an ESPRESSO EMPIRE! Alright, maybe not that ambitious, but you can manage your dream coffee shop.

Espresso Tycoon is a unique tycoon simulation game where you design your own coffee shop(s) with every detail. The game was created by DreamWay Games. So far, Espresso Tycoon is still in the development phase, and you can try the Espresso Tycoon demo version on Steam for free. Sometime this year, a prologue will be released. The developers announced that players’ votes will determine the location of the prologue (Sydney looks amazing). We have the gameplay video of the demo on our Youtube channel. Besides this, here is all we know:

First of all, you need to fill up the space. You can decorate more elegantly and comfortably with flashy chairs and tables. Or you can prefer to decorate with casual sofas and artistic paintings. It’s all up to you!

The next step is employees. People you hire have stats that will give you an idea of what they are good at. These stats range from tempo, motivation, health, salary, and experience. Be wise while choosing your workers. Their sweat and sincere hard work will be your building blocks. So, it is significant to choose quality workers to serve your customers.

The best part of Espresso Tycoon is the coffee-making. This game cares about your ideas and business model in every single step. The game offers a 3D coffee editor. Yes, this is exactly what you are thinking. You can determine what and how much will be added to the mix. Lactose-free, you got it. A little bit more milk for mine, please. Yes sir! Of course, the coffee types you are brewing will affect your overall customer profile. You should match the place you pick with the coffee you make. In the end, you need to make the best coffee in your town. But making the best coffee is not enough, of course!

Fourth and maybe the most vital part of Espresso TycoonAdvertisement. There is no need for an explanation of the power of social media in the cafe business. An influencer sharing your place is a powerful advertisement for you. Make sure to invite them and see the money flow. Expand your business over time and open new coffee shops around the city to build your ESPRESSO EMPIRE!

Overall, Espresso Tycoon is an ambitious title with detailed gameplay and pretty graphics. To be honest, the only thing we can criticize is the main unique feature of this game: details. Even though it’s a sim-like tycoon, too much detail might bore some players at some point. But it is a simulation game, right? We trust DreamWay Games will balance the game between heavy business stuff and fun. 

Espresso Tycoon gets a 7/10 for its new approach to the tycoon genre and promising features. Add Espresso Tycoon to your wishlist on Steam so you won’t miss any news. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube channel to access more content. Developers upload the progress in their videos.

Espresso Tycoon was launched on June 7, 2023, on Steam.

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