F1 Manager 2022 How to Develop Cars?

Besides talented drivers and a good and balanced team, your cars are the most important determinant of your success in F1 Manager 2022. Considering the unique mechanics in F1 Manager 2022, which make it one of the best sports management games, it offers a wide range of alternatives in car development.

One of the best parts of the game is that the game offers a detailed explanation of how you need to develop your car. You can easily check the existing and new stats, and it also allows you to check before and after implementing the upgrades.

All you need to do is spare some time and study your lessons to develop your car. Since they are one of the most crucial details in being successful in F1 Manager 2022, it is worth studying your lesson.

In addition to this, players can develop different car upgrades for different Formula 1 circuits. This makes the game a bit challenging but also more realistic. All you need to do is visit the design tab on the home page to access the relevant section. Later on, you need to pick the part you would like to focus on.

Of course, managing your resources has great importance when you are going to develop your car. It is not possible to upgrade every part of your car at the same time. Thus, you should manage your resources very well and focus on the most important ones first.

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F1 Manager 2022 How to Develop Cars? 2

If you are new to F1 Manager 2022, we recommend developing all the basic parts first since they provide a great performance bonus. As a recommendation, we suggest you do not start with the suspension since you will be rewarded with one after you complete the first race.

Besides budget, you also assign personnel for each part you are going to upgrade. Of course, the more people you are going to assign, the quicker the upgrade will be completed. But remember that you’ll need to have multiple designs at hand in case of a crash during the race.

Besides upgrading the parts of your vehicles, you may also want to research them. This will let you work on better upgrades in the future and stay ahead of the competition. From time to time, you may want to put an end to your development efforts and assign your entire team to research.

Just like the developments, you can research different vehicle parts such as suspension, underfloor, side-pods, rear wing, front wing, and chassis.

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