Feign Roles and Beginner’s Guide

Feign is one of the fantastic multiplayer games in which you need to find the imposters in your group before they kill you. It is a Goose Goose Duck and Among Us-like social deduction game developed by a couple of Turkish Twitch streamers named Teneke Kafalar. Here are all the roles in Feign and a beginner’s guide for newcomers.

Feign is an Among Us-like game where you try to find imposters before being killed by them. In the game, players will be divided in three roles: innocentsneutrals, and imposters. Each role has different sub-roles that offer unique mechanics to players and make the game much more challenging. Of course, everybody knows nothing about the other player’s role. Then every night, players will make their moves. In the daytime, the discussion begins, and you’ll try to survive by talking and creating new strategies.

If you are planning to have a good time in a multiplayer game, we recommend Feign. In this article, we have prepared a beginner’s guide for you to have a better understanding of the rules and roles. Here is all you need to know.

Joining or Creating a Room in Feign

Before talking about the roles, did you know that you can directly join an existing game that is about to start? There is even a Discord channel for the game, with a real-time translation feature. Another option is to create your own session to play with your friends. You can create your own game session and customize the rules or roles depending on your preferences. As you can play together with your friends, you can let others join your session online.

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Feign Roles

Roles matter a lot in Feign since they determine the course of the game for you. In the following section, you will learn the details of all the roles and sub-roles in Feign.

Imposter Role

Imposters will be the killers in the game all the time. Their goal is to kill other players at night without getting seen and make sure that they will not get kicked out of the village in voting.


Blamers can trick other players by letting them learn that the kicked or dead player was an imposter.


Cleaners can hide the real role of the players that they kill at night. Unfortunately, you will never be sure about the role of the dead players when they are killed by cleaners.

Innocent Role

Although there are eight innocent roles in Feign, six of them can also be imposters, such as police, investigators, and trappers. You can customize these roles in the lobby when you create a room.


Doctors will always be innocent, and they can mark one player every day. If these players die at night, they will be revived.


Insane is another innocent role, and players will be given a random role with no functionality at all. Even the players don’t notice that they are insane. This is the craziest role in the game. For example, you see yourself as a doctor. You go to a house at night and see that you are healing somebody. But in the morning, you see that the character you had healed is dead. At that moment, you can understand that you are insane.


Provokers can be innocent or imposters. This is the only role that has two votes that you can use in daytime voting.


Snitches can be on both sides as well and they have a great ability. Snitches can pick one player during the night, and in the morning, they can reveal their role.


You can choose the main role of trappers as well. These players can set a trap at the door of any player. Players who will be caught by the trap will not be able to use their roles in that house for that night.


Investigators can investigate any player at night, and they can limit the number of possibilities about the roles of the targeted player. They can be both innocent and imposters too.


Lookout can be both an imposter and innocent too. Lookout players can pick one player to watch their house during the night. They can see everyone visiting that house.


You can be an innocent or imposter police. They can pick one player at night and make sure that they will not get out of their house.

Neutral Role

Neutral roles are also quite fun to play, and each of them has their own mechanics. They can be innocent or imposters depending on their roles.


Thieves can kill other players and steal their roles. They will continue to play with their new role.


Bombers can place one bomb every night and detonate all the bombs at once. They need to kill everyone to win the game.

Serial Killer

Serial killers can kill players at night, and they need to kill every player to win.


Survivors can protect themselves from death three times all throughout the game. They need to survive until all players in innocents or imposters are eliminated.

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