Feral Game Review – A Mythological Game By WildWorks

Feral game is a free-to-play open-world exploring game that you can play with your friends. The game’s name is “Fer.al,” but we’ll call it a Feral game like many people. Feral is a game that includes many different games such as puzzles and card games. It is a game that you can hang out with your friends in a mystical online world. Let’s examine the Feral game in a little more detail and show you where you can download Fer.al.

Feral The Game Trailer

I recommend that you watch the Feral the game trailer before coming to the detailed information about the game. With this trailer you can watch below, you can have an idea about what kind of a game Fer.al is. You can also find more videos on the official YouTube account of Fer.al.

Fer.al Trailer

Fer.al in A Nutshell

Fer.al is an open-world exploring game that you can play free. In the Feral game, you’ll create a mystical characters you want and discover the Fer.al world with your friends.

Feral is a game aimed at an audience aged 13 and over who have grown up playing Animal Jam. In this game, you have the chance to design your character from the very beginning. Then, with the character you created, you will step into Fer.al’s world and explore with your character, make exchanges with your friends and earn rewards by playing various games.


Feral Game Download

Feral game is currently available to play on Windows PC and macOS. Fer.al also available on –mobile platforms– iOS and Android platforms. As we mentioned before, the Feral game is a free-to-play game, so you can download and play the game from the official website of fer.al without any charge.

Before you download the for your Windows PC or macOS, you should register to Fer.al. Then you’ll be able to download the game.

Fer.al is available both Apple Store and Play Store. For mobile platforms, you’ll register after download the game.

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