Fire Emblem Engage Released

Based on the long-running Fire Emblem series, Fire Emblem Engage, a new tactical role-playing game, is released for Nintendo Switch on 20 January 2023. Here's everything.

Developed by Intelligent Systems, this latest installment, Fire Emblem Engage, features traditional and adventurous Fire Emblem gameplay. It follows Divine Dragon Alear, who awakens after more than one thousand years in a slumber. The Divine Dragon is a powerful being capable of bringing back heroes from other worlds to help in the fight against the Fell Dragon. While the previous title blocked off some of the protagonists, this new release includes the entire roster of characters.

The story is set on a floating island. Players take the role of the Divine Dragon, Alear, who must protect the land against the Fell Dragon. Fire Emblem: Engage is a turn-based tactical role-playing experience that puts players in control of a vast army. Each of the units can use special weapons, perks, and skills to help defeat the enemy.

Fire Emblem Engage Overview

In this game, Alear is able to summon Fire Emblem Engage heroes from past games. They can provide the protagonist with passive upgrades or active buffs. While the characters are not the same as the original heroes, they have their own unique characteristics. Each character has a specific range of attack power and movement. The hero also has a personality conveyed through small support conversations. Players can unlock more support conversations when a hero’s profile is ranked up to C.

Fire Emblem Engage Overview
Fire Emblem Engage Released 2

However, it is important to note that not all of these support conversations are necessary to play the game. The series has a weapon triangle system. Using the previous heroes’ weapons, the player can strengthen their character. Fire Emblem: Three Houses was a hit in the series. It featured a story that wasn’t as good as its predecessor. Thankfully, it’s followed by Fire Emblem: Engage. Although it has a less compelling storyline, the series’ core mechanics are still in place.

What Fire Emblem Engage Offers?

The new installment of the Fire Emblem series offers many visual and audio improvements. The game also features a re-use of some of the most memorable maps from past games. Moreover, it has a new gameplay mechanic that lets players bring heroes from the past into the present.

Fire Emblem Engage is a solid tactical role-playing game. Despite the fact that it doesn’t offer as much content as its predecessors, it’s definitely worth playing. There’s a good mix of fanservice for the past and quality-of-life improvements, so it should be an enjoyable experience.

Fire Emblem Engage is set in the world of Elyos. It is made up of four kingdoms and a holy land at its center. Divine Dragon is called upon to defend the kingdom from Fell Dragon during a battle. Divine Dragons can turn into a dragon and attack enemies using their powers.

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