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FNF Salty Sunday Night Mod is one of the complete reskins Friday Night Funkin Mods that was developed by Tsuraran. In Salt’s Sunday Night Mod, characters, background design, story, and songs are redesigned and changed.

What is Friday Night Funkin?


Let’s remind Friday Night Funkin’ for those who never heard. Friday Night Funkin, or most commonly known as FNF, is a rhythm-based indie game developed by Newground users Ninjamuffin99. Friday Night Funkin, AKA FNF, is an open-sources game, and for this reason, everyone can make a mod to this game. I believe FNF mods are holding the game alive and make it more popular every day.


In the story of FNF Salty Sunday Night Mod, a group of characters in an old arcade machine stored in Daddy Dearest’s basement becomes activated on a Sunday night. Salty is one of them, and now he is trying to find a way to get out of this machine.

FNF Salty Sunday Night Mod replaces original FNF characters with nine unique characters, and each character has three songs. Below, you can find the list of which original FNF character was replaced by which Salty Sunday Night Mod character and which songs they have.

  • Salty is the main protagonist of Salty Sunday Night Mod. He replaces the Boyfriend character from the original Friday Night Funkin.
  • Itsumi replaces the Girlfriend and sits on top of the boombox. She is the little sister of Connor.
  • Dad.exe is the main antagonist of Week 1, titled Dad Jokes, and replaces Daddy Dearest from the original FNF. His Week 1 songs include:
    • Daddy’s Girl
    • Salty Love
    • *Daughter Complex
  • Hunter and Ava are the primary antagonists of Week 2, titled Sweet n’ Sour. Their Week 2 songs include:
    • Sweet n’ Spooky
    • Sour n’ Scary
    • Opheebop
  • Opheebop is the secondary antagonist of Week 2 and Week 5. His songs in Week 2 is Opheebop, in Week 5 is Freedom.
  • Connor is the older brother of Itsumi and replaces Pico. His Week 3, titled Sister Complex, songs include:
    • Protect,
    • Defend,
    • Safeguard
  • Mom.exe replaces Mommy Mearest, and she is the main antagonist of Week 4, titled Mom’s Love. Her Week 3 songs include:
    • Indie Star,
    • Rising Star
    • Superstar
  • Manager.exe is the main antagonist of Week 5, called Dinner Date. His songs include:
    • Order Up!
    • Rush Hour!
  • Glitch is the primary antagonist of Week 6, named Glitch Out. His Week 6 songs include:
    • Buckets,
    • Logarithms,
    • Terminal

FNF Salty Sunday Night Mod No Download

It is possible to play FNF Salty Sunday Night Mod without downloading it. Below, you can play Salty Mod FNF online.

Play FNF salty Sunday Mod Online

Salty Sunday Night Mod FNF Download

If you want to play Salty Sunday Night Mod FNF by downloading it, you can visit the GameBanana to download FNF Salty Sunday Night Mod to your PC.

To play more FNF Mods online and discover the FNF Universe, Stay Tuned To LAWOD.

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