Forgive Me Father Review

Forgive Me Father is a crazy, bloodbath journey of nostalgia.

Behold, your nightmare is now fully released with 25 levels and countless enemy types. Forgive Me Father is out. We loved its action, tension, and art style. It’s a unique game that brings back many memories and scary dreams. We reviewed this comic-style shooter for you. Don’t forget to watch our gameplay before reading, so you can have a clear idea of what we are talking about.

Forgive Me Father is a horror FPS in a comic world. It is a retro game that reminds me of Quake with its 2D protagonist in a 3D world. The game was developed by Byte Barrel and published by 1C Entertainment. It was released as an Early Acces on the 28th of October, 2021. After getting highly positive reviews, it’s now released fully on the 7th of April this year. From our experience with the full release, here is all:

First and foremost, the gameplay is GOOD. In the current year, there are a lot of games with realistic mechanics and weapons. They are mostly pretty, and seeing how the games have improved over the years is amazing. But Byte Barrel tells us that the classics knew what they were doing. They showed us we can have fun with old-school gameplay with modernized controls and little improvements. 

In the beginning, you are faced with a choice of character. You can either be a priest or a journalist. Even though this choice matters, the skill tree is not so different. After we were born into the world of the FMF (this is how we shortened it), we felt that aiming was a bit unorthodox and hard to get used to. We needed some time to adapt to the 90s style. 

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The game is quite linear. In each level, you will need to find a key to open a door and kill enemies or bosses in your way. Actually, when thinking about it, this sounds boring. But honestly, this is the place where “Forgive Me Father” shines. Forgive Me Father always brings a new challenge with its diverse skill tree and new enemy types at each level. 

There are some changes between the two classes here and there. The main difference is the combat style you will choose. The skill tree is easy to understand and simply visualize. 

Will you pick a more powerful shotgun or a deadly machine gun? It’s up to you, and the game will reward you handsomely for blasting creatures on your way. Also, new monsters on every level put even more pressure on you. Now you need to watch out for more abilities from our horrible-looking friends. 

Besides the gameplay, the voice acting and story-telling are impressive. The way your character interacts with events in Forgive Me Father is hilarious. I sometimes find myself saying the same thing with the character. The visuals are a standout from similar releases. The comic-style world with Quake-like graphics feels nostalgic with every bullet. 

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Last but not least, soundtracks. Every gamer knows that even if you have the best graphics and story in a game, that game is not good enough without a well-made soundtrack. “FMF” accomplishes a great job of keeping the heartbeat high with intense metal pumping into your ears.

Forgive Me Father is an entertaining retro FPS with a beautiful art style. We are glad to see it fulfill its promise. Forgive Me Father is a crazy, bloodbath journey of nostalgia. We recommend Forgive Me Father to players who enjoy blowing through enemies in the Lovecraft world. It has a price tag of $19.99 on Steam and Epic Games, which is a fair price considering the content and gameplay it offers. You can also find the game on the rising peer-to-peer game distributerVoxPop Games

What are your feelings and thoughts about the game? Do you think more modernized old-school games should be developed? Let us know in the comments below.

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