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Grounded is a survival game with a very different and funny story. In the last year, the game was available for download on Steam and from the Microsoft Store. In addition, Grounded’s developers Obsidian Entertainment, have been keeping the game up-to-date since the game was launched. The latest update of the game was published recently. Let’s see if you can survive in a world where you are even smaller than an ant.

Grounded Trailer

First of all, we can say that the social media crew of the Grounded work really well. They use Youtube account actively, and there are lots of content about Grounded on the Obsidian Entertainment Youtube account. Grounded Story Trailer is one of them, and you can find it below. It’ll give you an idea about the story of the game.

Grounded Story Trailer

Grounded in a Nutshell

Grounded is a fun survival game that you can play with your friends or as a single player. You start the game by choosing one of Max, Willow, Pete, and Hoops. You may also adjust the difficulty in the game.

When you first start Grounded, you start by realizing how big everything is. Then you investigate what happened to you and how you came to small like this. When you learn that you are even smaller than an ant in the backyard of your house, every living creature in the backyard will want to eat you. At Grounded, your goal is to stand up to the dangers of your home’s backyard, try to survive, and return to what you used to be.

In this game, you will build new buildings to survive and use them as bases. You will also craft various tools to fight insects and other creatures that live in your backyard that want to eat you and help you survive.

grounded backyard
Game Review – Grounded 2

Latest Grounded Update

We have already mentioned that Grounded’s social media team is doing an excellent job. They explain the new updates to the game with a vlog like the one below, which allows you to see the new features coming to the game more clearly. You can watch the vlog of the Grounded 0.9.0 update, which is the latest update to Grounded, below.

Grounded Download

Grounded is now available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC. You can add the game to your Steam library by paying $29,99. If you are an Xbox owner, you can buy the game from Microsoft Store for the same price. You can also play the Grounded for free if you have a Game Pass subscription. Unfortunately, you cannot play Grounded on your PlayStation. We don’t know yet if the Grounded will launch for PlayStation or not.

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