GTA 6 Map Size Revealed

While it's hard to know exactly how big the GTA 6 map will be, some fans have been predicting that it will be twice as large as its predecessor, GTA 5.

Grand Theft Auto fans have been anticipating the release of GTA 6 for a while now. The game is expected to take the series back to its Vice City days and feature a female protagonist for the first time in the franchise’s history. While Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive haven’t revealed a lot about the game, various leaked material has been making waves on social media. One of the most interesting revelations from these leaks was a GTA 6 map that showcased the alleged size of the GTA VI world.

According to the leaked GTA 6 map, the new game’s world will be significantly bigger than its predecessor. It has also been reported that it will be around 50 percent larger than the current GTA 5 map.

The leaked GTA 6 map was posted by Reddit user “LivingSignificant555” on the “/r/GTA6” thread. He meticulously charted the coordinates of the new game’s locations and compared them to the known map sizes of the current GTA 5. He then used his knowledge of RAGE engine units to calculate an approximate scale.

The result is a colossal GTA 6 world that dwarfs Los Santos in its entirety. As a bonus, the map shows that the open world will have oceans surrounding it. This is an important aspect as it makes the game more immersive and will allow players to explore a greater variety of locations. This is something that many fans have been hoping for, as it would provide more opportunities to create content and expand the storyline.

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GTA 6 Map Size Revealed 2

Until Rockstar releases official information about the game, all speculation must be taken with a grain of salt. The company is unlikely to do so in the near future, though, as it usually prefers to remain quiet about its upcoming titles. With the advanced systems available nowadays, it’s likely that the next Grand Theft Auto will feature a vast and enthralling world.

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