GTA Online The Contract New Cars and Weapons

After many years, GTA Online players are enjoying a new and free DLC launched in the game a few days ago. If you’ve been given a break from the game because you are bored, it might be the best time to return it! The Contract is the new major update after Cayo Perico.

In GTA Online The Contract, you are going to start a celebrity solutions agency with Franklin, and your first customer is Dr. Dre. You’ll help him to find his stolen phone before the tracks on his phone will leak. You can find more about The Contract update of GTA Online on our GTA Online The Contract Review article.

However, besides the story, The Contract introduced new weapons and vehicles in the game. In the following, you are going to learn more about everything new in the game. Besides weapons and vehicles, we also covered the new properties and a radio station.

What Are New Cars in The Contract?

When you install and start playing The Contract update, you will be able to access seven new cars in the game. Of course, you need to progress in the new storyline to access or unlock some of them. In addition to this, you can update four of these vehicles with machine guns, armor, mines, and much more!

Here is the full list of new cars in The Contract:

  • Dewbauchee Champion
  • Enus Deity
  • Enus Jubilee
  • Pegassi Ignus
  • Lampadati Cinquemila
  • Pfister Astron
  • Bravado Buffalo STX

Players can purchase these new cars through their mobile phone, by visiting Legendary Motorsport or San Andreas Super Autos. Four of the vehicles that can be equipped with additional armor and weapons include Enus Jubilee, Enus Deity, Bravado Buffalo STX, and Dewbauchee Champion.

You need to purchase a Vehicle Workshop in the Agency building to modify your vehicles with armor and weapons. The cost of the Vehicle Workshop is $800,000.

GTA Online The Contract New Cars and Weapons ss
GTA Online The Contract New Cars and Weapons 2

What Are New Weapons in The Contract?

Another good news for the players includes three new weapons in the game. In total, three new weapons were introduced in The Contract. We believe all three of them can be quite useful and bring fun to the game. Here are these three weapons you can access in the game after installing The Contract:

  • Stun Gun
  • Compact EMP Launcher
  • Heavy Rifle

You can visit any ammunition store on the map to buy a heavy rifle. It costs $430,000. However, you need to purchase an additional upgrade in the Agency building to access the other two weapons. Players have to upgrade the Armory, and it costs $720,000.

Once they upgrade the Armory, they can purchase the Compact EMP Launcher and Stun Gun. Moreover, if they want, they can also customize their guns the way they want. Players can also find the heavy rifle in the Agency’s Armory at a discounted price.

What Is New in The Contract?

In addition to weapons and vehicles, The Contract also comes with four new properties to buy. These properties are Hawick, which costs $2,830,000, Rockford Hills, costs $2,415,000, Vespucci Canals, costs $2,145,000, and Little Seoul, costs $2,010,000.

Additionally, there is a new radio station called MOTOMAMI Los Santos. Besides new songs, the playlist of other radios is also updated.

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