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If you are an ambitious team, your loadout matters a lot in GTFO. Since you can team up with three more players, you and your team may want to have the perfect combination and gear up with the best weapons in the game. Thus, we wanted to prepare this guide for you! In the following, you are going to find the best 10 loadouts in the game!

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SMG – Revolver – Burst Sentry – Sledgehammer

This is a great loadout combination for the team that wants to keep their distance and have plenty of ammo. Moreover, a revolver offers great firepower to eliminate sleepers who will get too close to you.

Assault Rifle – Shotgun – Mine Deployer – Knife

If you want to deal lots of damage in a very short time and in a large group, then this combination may be an ideal choice for you. This is an ideal combination for medium or long-range encounters, where you can easily take care of anything.

DMR – Sniper Rifle – Shotgun Sentry – Spear

Here is another long-range combination that you may love to use. In fact, this is one of the best loadouts that at least one of your team members should have. In this way, you can keep plenty of sleepers away easily.

SMG – HEL Gun – Bio Tracker – Sledgehammer

If you are looking for crowd control, then this is one of the loadout combinations that you are going to enjoy. Although your ammo will be low, you can still enjoy this combination with maximum efficiency.

Bullpup Rifle – Revolver – Auto Sentry – Sledgehammer

This combination is ideal for players who are looking for balanced gameplay. It offers a little bit of everything for the players. It may take some time for you to master this combination, but it will definitely be worth trying since it will be quite fun.

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Pistol – Heavy Assault Rifle – Mine Deployer – Spear

If you don’t want to worry about your ammo at all, and if you are a good shooter, this can be the ideal combination for you. You should never underestimate the power and efficiency of the pistol in GTFO.

Assault Rifle – Sniper Rifle – C-Foam Launcher – Sledgehammer

You can immobilize your enemies with this loadout combination and take them down one by one before they reach you. However, this combination can be quite dangerous when two or more players in your team prefer it.

SMG – Shotgun – Burst Sentry – Sledgehammer

Whether you are going to play with your team or alone, this is an amazing combination that you can prefer. It deals a massive amount of damage in a very short time, but you need some space for reloads.

Burst Rifle – Shotgun – Auto Sentry – Sledgehammer

If you are determined to take down sleepers one by one and avoid a group of them, then you can prefer this loadout combination too. The biggest downside of this combination is it will not work against large numbers of sleepers.

C-Foam Launcher – Mine Deployer – Bio Tracker – Sledgehammer

This is a great combination against a large number of enemies in narrow spaces. You can easily melt down the sleepers in seconds without getting a single hit or damage.

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