Halo Infinite Controller Settings

Halo Infinite is one of the most popular games these days. It is the only free-to-play game of the famous Halo series and is available on the Xbox gaming console and PC. As of today, the number of active players on online servers reached millions. 

Halo Infinite was developed by 343 Industries and released on November 15, 2021. You can find more content about Halo Infinite on Lawod.

Since it is a competitive game, the controls matter a lot. You can play ranked games once you reach a certain level and gain enough experience. Controls can contribute to your overall success in the matches you are going to play. As a result, they can also contribute to your ranking. If you are an ambitious player, here we have some great news for you! Below you can find the best controller settings for Halo Infinite!


The Best Halo Infinite Controller Settings

It is worth noting that the best concept may vary from player to player. This all depends on your preferences and your gaming style. There may be minor or major differences between players who always play together, too.

Thus, please feel free to make adjustments to the setting that we have provided for you in the following. These may not be the best settings for your gaming style. However, they can be a great starting point to making adjustments.

Look Thumbstick Settings for Halo Infinite

  • Axial Deadzone: 0
  • Center Deadzone: 0
  • Maximum Input Threshold: 15

These settings will help you to make inputs with great speed. In addition to this, the maximum input threshold will also contribute to your overall aim. Please note that we shared the deadzones according to controllers with no thumbstick drifts. If you have drifts, you can increase these values too.

Move Thumbstick Settings for Halo Infinite

  • Axial Deadzone: 0
  • Center Deadzone: 0
  • Maximum Input Threshold: 10

By setting the deadzones to zero, you can enjoy better responsiveness while playing Halo Infinite. The maximum input threshold will help you to reach maximum movement speed without any challenge. On the other hand, you can easily move slower when you needed. Just like the look thumbstick, you can increase the deadzones if your controller has thumbstick drift.

Look Sensitivity and Acceleration

  • Look Sensitivity – Horizontal: 6
  • Look Sensitivity – Vertical: 6
  • Look Acceleration: 4

We believe these are the ideal settings for responding to your surroundings quickly and effectively. As they will help you to have better control over your surroundings, you will not lose your aim. However, depending on how you get used to using your controller, you may want to increase or decrease your look acceleration.

Please note that we have shared these settings as a guide for players. They can be a great starting point to start customizing your controller settings for Halo Infinite.

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